Drawloom Basics

Instructor: Becky Ashenden

Dates offered 2017: May 8–12, May 15–19 (class full; waiting list only)

Concurrent with Vävstuga Favorites, Vävstuga Treasures, and Drawloom & Linen Treasures.

Join us for this rare off-site opportunity to explore the mystique of the drawloom. This class will take place at Becky's childhood home, four miles out of town in a rural 1850s farmhouse surrounded by open land and tranquility. Weaving on a drawloom is not complicated and can open up an exhilarating world of patterning possibilities.

Drawloom Basics will primarily focus on using the shaft draw system (for repeated patterns) and single unit draw system (for freeform patterns), but will in addition offer some experience with smålandsväv, and weaving on a single unit drawloom with pattern-saving lashes. Damask and opphämta are commonly woven on a drawloom, but a variety of other structures can be used as well. Students taking this class will learn how it feels to use the different attachments and gain an understanding of the opportunities offered by each.

Monday will begin by familiarizing our students with the different drawloom systems in use, as well as providing an overview of drawloom mechanics. Designing is an important facet of this kind of weaving, and our students will be given time and instruction this day to prepare one or more designs by perusing our extensive library of possibilities. Each student will begin weaving their first project by 4 pm.

During the week each student will have ample time to weave damask on a single unit drawloom, damask and opphämta on shaft drawlooms, damask using pattern-saving lashes, and smålandsväv. Students with extra time on their hands will have access to our drawloom library.

In daily theory classes we will delve into weave structures and tie-ups, complete project sheets, and discuss patterning possibilities.

Project gallery

damask, single unit draw

damask, shaft draw

opphämta, shaft draw

damask using lashes


damask, single unit draw

damask, single unit draw

damask, shaft draw


This is a unique facility in the USA!

Nowhere else do you have the opportunity to experience such a vast array of Swedish drawlooms for a week-long class. Our Drawloom Treasures expands on this Basics class, allowing the opportunity for students to focus on larger projects that require more time to complete. This will be a way for you to enjoy creating substantial pieces on the drawloom from time to time, without the investment of equipment or space in your home, and with the benefit of Becky's coaching.

Class preview

Our equipment

The following slideshow describes the 9 looms in our drawloom studio, and what each is best used for.



Location: Farm Studio

Prerequisites: Substantial weaving experience

Max enrollment: 4

Course fee: $900 (includes all instruction and studio time, course handouts, lunch Mon–Fri)

Materials fee: $70

Room & board: $450 (includes lodging Sun–Thu evenings, breakfast Mon–Fri, dinner Mon–Thu)

For more detail: See also costs & logistics, food & accommodations

Days offered: Five-day session, Monday–Friday

Schedule: The Farm Studio is open from 9:00–noon and 2:00–5:00 for instruction time. Our evening curfew is flexible at this location. Exception: on the last day of class, the studio closes at noon and checkout must be completed before 5:00.