Väv Immersion

An 8-week weaving intensive
co-sponsored by Fabric of Life & Vävstuga Weaving School

Happening in 2021? YES! See our Calendar for dates, and contact us if you're hoping to join us.

This in-depth program reinforces the historic lineage of Scandinavian hand weaving through a range of educational opportunities including: personalized instruction with master weavers, hands-on production of numerous textile projects, attendance at intimately-sized classes that focus on an extensive array of skills, and connection to Immersion alumni from past years to build out your network and for learning how to move into this field as a professional.

You will gain a deep cultural appreciation of the aesthetic and functional way of life within this tradition, and a commitment to enhancing your life and the lives of others with these skills. The knowledge gained from this experience creates a foundation for further professional opportunities such as museum work, production weaving, textile retail, and teaching. Ultimately, the preservation of the tradition, culture, and function of hand weaving for future generations is carried forward through this intensive program.

Detailed in our brochure:

  • The Program
  • The Community
  • The Culture
  • Potential Trips
  • The Cohort
  • The Staff
  • The Education
  • The Land
  • The Food
  • The Schedule
  • The Cost
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"Being here has been amazing, and it will impact everything that I do as a weaver for the rest of my life."

immersion course
immersion course
immersion course
immersion course

Our 2021 staff:

Becky AshendenMaster Weaver
Lisa HillMaster Weaver
Eva GaultneyProgram Support & Scandinavian Weaving Teacher-In-Training
John Leni MarcyPhotographer

Prerequisites: None

Max enrollment in 2021: 8

Course fee: $6,500 plus the cost of materials

Materials fee: can average up to $60/week


Scholarships: Thanks to the generosity of the Ddora Foundation, we are able to offer 2 full scholarships of $6,500 to BIPOC individuals between ages 18–35, and 2 partial scholarships of $3,500 for any individual between ages 18–35. All scholarships are based on financial need and merit. Information on how to apply for a scholarship is listed on the program application.


Dates offered 2021: Jul 12 – Sep 3

Early application deadline: April 16, 2021

Final application deadline: May 14, 2021

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2021 Väv Immersion
2021 Väv Immersion