More Swedish Classics

Rep — Bands — Smålandsväv — Lace — Jämtlandsdräll — Ticking

Instructor: Becky Ashenden

Dates offered 2017: Feb 27 – Mar 3

Do you want to make a classic Swedish rep rug or runner, and delve into weaving beautiful patterned bands? More Swedish Classics is what you need. In addition to rep and bands, students will have the opportunity to weave smålandsväv, a favorite at Vävstuga — complete with its double set of shafts, long-eye heddles, and unique tie-up system, using treadles to create an infinite variety of stunning patterns. A runner in jämtlandsdräll (the parent of crackle weave in this country) will be explored in its traditional elegance, using a fine cotton warp and linen weft.

Participants will also have the rare opportunity to weave enough fabric for seat cushion in a traditional ticking, using 30/2 cotton on a three shaft counterbalance loom tied up with triangles (way cool!), as well as a lace curtain with an uneven denting pattern. If you have not had these experiences yet, you are in for a real treat!

Monday, day one of this five-day class, will serve as an introduction to each technique. Threading a little on each loom as well as tying up the treadles will begin to familiarize students with each weave structure.

Our Tuesday through Friday weaving schedule will allow each student equal time on each beautiful floor loom project, as well as dedicating one hour of each afternoon to a broad spectrum of band weaving techniques.

Daily theory and design classes in bands, rep, lace weave, smålandsväv, and jämtlandsdräll will be presented throughout the week.

Each student may complete seven projects in five days:

  • A smålandsväv runner in linen
  • A rep rug in 8/2 cotton and Maxi string yarn on 4 shafts
  • A rep runner in 16/2 cotton and Mini string yarn on 8 shafts
  • A jämtlandsdräll runner in fine cotton and linen
  • A lace curtain valance
  • Fine cotton ticking for a cushion cover
  • Several patterned bands

These class projects are pictured below.

Current projects

smålandsväv runner

rep runner

rep rug

jämtlandsdräll runner

lace curtain

fine cotton ticking

patterned bands

Location: Water Street Studio

Prerequisites: Vävstuga Basics (Why does everyone need Basics?)

Max enrollment: 8

Course fee: $850 (includes all instruction and studio time, course handouts, lunch Mon–Fri)

Materials fee: $95

Room & board: $450 (includes lodging Sun–Thu evenings, breakfast Mon–Fri, dinner Mon–Thu)

For more detail: See also costs & logistics, food & accommodations

Days offered: Five-day session, Monday–Friday

Schedule: Studio open 8:30–6:00, instruction time 9:00–noon and 2:00–5:00. Exceptions: on the last day, instruction ends at noon, and checkout must be completed by 3:00.