Vävstuga Vävsters

Have you been to Vävstuga many times and are wondering “What’s next for me?” During the last several years Becky has been developing this program to encourage and challenge talented and motivated Vävstuga weavers to strive for the Vävstuga Vävster Award.

You are eligible to call yourself a Vävster if you have taken:

  • Vävstuga Basics
  • Swedish Classics
  • One other 4–5 day class
  • (Väv Immersion satisfies all prerequisites. Mini Immersion satisfies Basics & Classics.)

Join us for a Vävsters Retreat

We invite all eligible Vävsters to apply for our Vävsters Retreat sessions. Come enjoy the camaraderie of weaving together with fellow Vävstuga alumni, gearing your projects during your 1–2 weeks to work toward your Vävster Award. As a Vävstuga Vävster you will troubleshoot together with your colleagues, inspiring each other to new weaving heights and ambitions.

Earn your Vävster Award

Get credit and acknowledgment for your accomplishments! Working toward the Vävster Award will expand your weaving horizons. Complete the Award process as a stepping stone toward future goals, or simply for your own satisfaction. Your achievement will also promote the preservation of these handweaving traditions, helping our Vävstuga community pass these skills to future generations.

To earn your Vävster Award, you’ll weave 30 projects showcasing our checklist of techniques. (See our Guidelines below.)

We’ll help celebrate your achievement by offering four types of public recognition:

  • Exhibit – We will host a public exhibit of your 30 beautiful pieces at one of our Vävstuga locations.
  • Discussion – At the exhibit location, you will have the opportunity (approximately 1 hour) to tell us about your work, each piece at a time, and entertain questions or comments from our audience.
  • Banquet – You will be our guest of honor at our annual late-summer Celebration Banquet.
  • Online gallery – Our website will host a photo gallery showcasing your work, making it easy to share your portfolio of projects with others.

Each year we can accept up to 6 submissions for the Vävster Award. We’ll post more information in spring 2023 about timelines and process for the 2023 award cycle.

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