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Bringing Becky’s home studio directly to you, with a new series of classes you can take anytime at home.

Lesson #1: Stripe proportion math

Learn this straightforward method to calculate stripe proportions for your beautiful yarn windings.

PDF handouts: Lesson #1

Lesson #2: Filling out a project sheet

Sit down at the table with Becky as she goes line by line to explain the process of writing up a Vävstuga project sheet.

PDF handouts: Lesson #2, blank project sheet

Lesson #3: Calculating how much yarn you’ll need

Watch Becky step by step as she calculates how much yarn is required for a blanket project.

PDF handouts: Lesson #3
Related tools: See our Store for help with metric conversions and a yardage calculator.

Lesson #4: Damask napkin — pushing the envelope

Becky demonstrates weaving a 10-shaft satin napkin on a 70cm Ideal Glimåkra loom, which wasn’t supposed to be possible on a loom designed with only 8 shafts and treadles. Extra treadles are added on a longer rod; we make do with holes on the lamms by doubling up the cords on the outside rows of holes. Bumpers help keep the shafts even with the damask pulleys in use. A special tip about keeping linen under control on the shuttle is shown, as well as using a pin to keep your place.

Lesson #5: Designing a coverlet band

Becky describes her process of designing a band woven in 16/2 linen, used as edging for a woven coverlet that will be lined with a cozy sheepskin.

Related: Want to start with a band that’s already designed and ready to beam? We now offer a Warp to Go for the Stjerne band, our design to fit our popular Stjerne coverlet.

Lesson #6: Weaving a linen band on a floor loom

Becky demonstrates and explains her methods for weaving a substantial band on a floor loom. This long linen band will be used as edging for a sheepskin backed coverlet.

Related: This is the technique you’ll need for our Stjerne band, now available in our store as a Warp to Go.

Lesson #7: Pre-sleying a double-width blanket warp

Becky shows how to pre-sley 2 warps piled on top of each other, in this case to weave a wide blanket on a narrow loom.

Lesson #8: Double-width tie-up construction

Learn a method for constructing the treading, treadling and tie-up to weave cloth double-width on your loom, with a fold on one side. This is a great way to weave a large blanket on a narrow loom.

PDF handouts: Lesson #8

Our Vävstuga Project Sheet helps you plan out your project exactly the way you’ve learned here in class.

Vävstuga blank project sheet

Our Vävstuga Sett Charts offer suggested reed choices for balanced weaves in all of our fibers.

Vävstuga sett charts

Wondering how your American reeds relate to the metric measurements we specify? Here’s a handy reference table.

dents per 10 cmdents per inch
These conversion numbers are estimates only. For accuracy, use the measurement system that goes with your reed, i.e. metric or American.
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