Weaving classes

Teaching is our greatest passion at Vävstuga. Get the best possible instruction with dependable tools, sound techniques, and stellar instruction.

Each class is structured to maximize the benefits of both group and individual instruction.

Top-quality instruction

Becky Ashenden, our founder and principal instructor, has been teaching weaving since 1993 after 13 years as a production weaver. Becky emphasizes Swedish techniques because of her extensive study in Sweden throughout the years. Swedes have a long and valued history of weaving; the streamlined approach and the flexibility of the looms and patterns are hard to match. Each student leaves Vävstuga with fresh inspiration and greater ability.

Eva Gaultney, our additional instructor, attended our Väv Immersion program in 2019, expanding her knowledge of Swedish weaving and techniques. She then returned to Vävstuga as Becky’s teaching apprentice, and is now an integral part of our teaching staff.

5 days

Drawloom ABC

(returning in 2025)

Designing Awesome Warps

(returning in 2025)

Mönster Parti

Join us from home

Always wanted to join us for a class but can’t get here in person? Wish you could relive the experience from home anytime?

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Vävstuga Video Classes

Special guest teachers

Special guest teachers from near and far round out our offerings. Wendy Jensen returns with her popular Basket Weaving workshop. In 2024 we are especially excited about bringing two special guests from Sweden: Monica Hallén (Open Rep with Rags and Rag Rug Techniques) and Åsa Viksten Strömbom (Bound Plattväv & Rya Variations).

Talented studio assistants

Jenna Smith will often be on hand to help with anything sewing related, such as hems or other finishing. Sara Jeanne Burke joins us as an assistant in Monica Hallén’s rag rug classes.

More support at home

cheerful house call service

Traveling Loom Fairy

Vävstuga lessons at home

Virtual Classroom

Longer intensive sessions

1–2 weeks

Retreat for Vävsters

8 weeks

Väv Immersion
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