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Always wanted to join us for a class? Wish you could relive the experience from home anytime? We are thrilled to announce that Vävstuga Band Weaving has now joined Vävstuga Basics in Vävstuga Video Classes. Our content is hosted at Vimeo, where you can sign up for a monthly or annual subscription, and there’s a Forum where you can post your questions and meet fellow students. Check it out with a free trial.

Vävstuga Basics – trailer

Vävstuga Band Weaving – trailer

Your subscription includes:

  • Vävstuga Basics class = 20 hours of video content + many handouts and extras
  • Vävstuga Band Weaving class = 16 hours of video content + many handouts and extras
  • Julia Drawloom (this video also available for FREE)
  • Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way DVD content
  • Dress Your Swedish Drawloom DVD content
  • Weaving on the Julia DVD content
  • Access to our member Forum
  • Access to further classes as we add them

Next classes in development:

  • Vävstuga Classics class — 20+ hours of video
    status = filmed, editing winter 2024
Vävstuga Video Classes


Julia Drawloom FREE

The Julia pattern-shaft drawloom is an exciting option for weavers with limited studio space and big plans for damask and other complex patterning techniques. In this video, Becky Ashenden and Amy Blair demonstrate every stage of assembling the loom and configuring it to weave the damask project included in the box. Lots of tips and tricks are included to give prospective and new owners alike the tools and confidence to embark on their drawloom journey. There are even some new innovations that experienced drawloom weavers won’t want to miss.

We’re making this video available for FREE, as an additional way for you to try out Vävstuga Video Classes.

Testimonials for our Video Classes

When I left your in-person class earlier this fall, I told you that there was no way the video could be as good as an in-person class. Well, I was wrong! In the in-person class, we got to see you show us how to do something once, maybe twice. … With the video, when I make a mistake I can go back and … watch that segment multiple times until I get it. … So I think the streaming class is actually better than the in-person class! The only thing missing is the wonderful food.
Sheila Roberts, Bowling Green, Ohio

One of the most educational experiences of my weaving life was working with Becky Ashenden on designing, drafting and weaving on countermarch/counterbalance looms. Even though I was trained on jack looms, and continue to work on them, learning from Becky exponentially deepened my understanding of all weaving, added to my weaving “toolbox” and made my weaving practice far more streamlined and efficient.
Lisa Hill, master weaver, Conway, Massachusetts
Lisa is internationally known for her teaching of Deflected Double Weave.

I am so grateful that the Basics video class exists. It launched the very week I was taking the Basics class at Vavstuga. Being there in person was life-changing, but the amount of information to absorb was massive. …The superb videos and handouts [online] have allowed me to take the class all over again … Being able to watch things that puzzle me over and over is great. And if I’m still confused, the question forum is really helpful—kind of a Becky 911! I’ve been weaving for 30 years, but because of Vävstuga’s methodical and clear approach, for the first time I feel like a real Weaver, connected both to the past and to my future at the loom. I honestly don’t understand how someone who has taken Basics wouldn’t jump at the chance to take the video classes!
Mary Berry, Montrose, Colorado

I can honestly say that being able to take Vävstuga Basics in person was one of the best experiences of my life, and the video class is the perfect companion to it. I’ve already rewatched most segments and constantly refer to it for planning, warping, and beaming. As a real beginner, I’ve found the additional reinforcement crucial to keeping me weaving when I’m not sure what to do. Becky is an amazing teacher, and her language and style are consistent between in-person and virtual classrooms, which I find incredibly helpful. Being at the farmhouse in Mass is magical and you’ll meet friends for life, but I think you could take the virtual course alone and then visit for an intermediate class.
Sarah Berry, Montrose, Colorado

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.”
Anyone who has learned to weave with Becky Ashenden can see countless ways. Simply to have the chance to study with Becky, the foremost teacher of countermarch and counterbalance weaving in America today, is a blessing. Her genius for weaving and gift for teaching are matched by her boundless energy, patience, kindness, and good will. As an older person learning a new skill, I came to Becky’s classes with doubts that I could learn. Thankfully, she proved me wrong. For those who are unable to come to Vävstuga, or for those who have [but need] extra attention to “get it right,” this video [class] is invaluable.
Anne Williamson, Plainfield, Massachusetts

I have been involved in a love affair with Vävstuga for almost fifteen years. My first “date” was the Drawloom Class in 2008. It was love at first sight! …As an older student, my memory isn’t what it used to be, so despite Becky’s excellent teaching skills, the plethora of handouts and notes, and even my enthusiasm for learning, there are many things I simply do not retain. Imagine my joy when Vävstuga announced the Video Class Series. The videos are made excellently, with clear visuals and precise instructions. Each viewing is like being back in the Vävstuga classroom. I even catch myself answering Becky’s questions out loud!
Michael Jennrich, Joliet, Illinois

Support materials for Vävstuga Video Basics

Basics Kit

We have gathered the tools and printed the pages that you need in a lovely organized binder and pencil case with 8 labeled pocket tabs. We also include yarn for the Tablecloth project.

Supply list

Handy table showing what tools and yarns you’ll need for each project in Vävstuga Video Basics.

Yarn kits

Each contains all the yarns you’ll need for one project. Becky has designed some starter colorways to whet your appetite (the blankets are particularly luscious), or you can use our nifty Väv Design tool to invent your own new color combinations.

Stream our DVD content

Becky’s classic video titles are now available for online streaming on Vimeo. Purchase lifetime access to these titles individually, or get access to them as part of your subscription to our entire streamed-video collection.

Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way and Dress Your Swedish Drawloom are also still available on DVD. Weaving on the Julia is now streaming-only.

Virtual Classroom

Free series of short but useful lessons on YouTube, with accompanying worksheets and reference materials. Becky created these instructional videos to help get us through the pandemic, and to support folks who are trying out the Warps to Go in our Store.

Virtual Classroom



Learn about weaving techniques and how to use our weaving equipment here. All of our MiniMovies are now conveniently hosted on YouTube — even the vintage ones from 2005, the 30-second-long silents, which we find not only charmingly nostalgic but still quite useful.

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