May 2010

wild onion runner
wild onion runner
Our looms are dressed for Spring Vävstuga Days this coming week, May 11-15, and we could not have done it without the help of nine competent volunteers. We have posted photos of the spring-y and summer-y warps to entice you to join us. We do have a few slots remaining; if you are interested, please email or phone us and we will get you signed up.
  • Tuesday, 5/11, 9am-1pm (2 openings)
  • Wednesday, 5/12, 9am-5pm (1 opening)
  • Saturday, 5/15, 9am-5pm (1 opening)
  • Saturday, 5/15, 9am-1pm (4 openings)
Alumni Week, May 17-21 (Monday-Friday), also still has a few positions available for those of you who have completed the Vävstuga Basics course. The very same warps from Vävstuga Days will be on the looms but you have the added bonus of having access to the studio from 9am until 9pm. So when you are not weaving you may peruse the library, mangle your handwovens and enjoy a one-hour show-and-tell from Becky. We’ve just filled our last remaining spaces in Vävstuga Basics for 2010. We will publish our 2011 class schedule at the end of September. Our construction project is still going strong despite numerous interruptions by our fully enrolled classes, which is difficult on the contractors. All in all the end is in sight and we’re quite excited about the future of Vävstuga. Enjoy the beautiful flowers that are appearing everywhere this time of year.
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