June 2011

May was an exhilarating month with ten fully warped looms for two weeks straight — Vävstuga Days and Alumni Week. It was a blast to see so many you walking out of the building after a day of weaving with a bundle of freshly woven “goods” tucked under your arms.
Spring Vävstuga Days was a smashing time
Spring Vävstuga Days was a smashing time
Book Preview of the Month: Doris Wiklund’s Det Gamla Linneskåpet (available in our Store)
This month’s addition to our instructional mini movie series: “Bobbin winder maintenance”
The Rep Variations class July 18th-22nd will have a spectacular array of warps and is a one-time opportunity to delve into this wonderful weave structure. Vävstuga Basics is not a prerequisite for this particular class, so do take advantage of this. We have two slots available and one dorm room remaining. The 2012 schedule will be published the last week of September. We will begin to take enrollment at that time. Enjoy your summer!
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