June 2012

Our first Drawloom Basics class inaugurated the new off-site studio during the week of May 21-25th. The weavers produced copious quantities of beautifully executed handwovens.
Drawloom class, May 2012
Drawloom class, May 2012
For those of you who are looking for a basic weaving book geared toward children we have Börja Väv! (Begin to Weave!). This precious book, which includes an English supplement, will allow you to share your passion of weaving with a young child this summer.
The warp mills have slowed down a bit for April and May. We wound a mere 62 miles of warp, consisting of 8/2 and 16/2 cotton as well as cottolin. We’ve been crunching numbers so that ordering yarns from us in the future won’t be so daunting. We’ve been preparing handy reference lists for meters/kilo as well as yards/pound for most of our Borgs and Bockens yarns. Those will be appearing on our website soon. Whew, that was a great deal of work. A local cable station spent some time with us during Alumni week in May. We’ll let you know where to view the segment online, as soon as we get the link. Remember: our annual summer holiday will be June 24th through July 10th. We will not be answering the telephones or emails.
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