October 2014


There’s still plenty of space available in our 2015 Classes.

Some of our new offerings:

  • Linens: Seed to Cloth Experience the entire invigorating process of growing flax, turning it into various types of linen yarn, both tow and line, and then weaving it into cloth.
  • Linens class
    Linens class
  • The Swedish Kitchen Weave tablecloths, aprons, towels, and napkins of exquisite and complementary design.
  • Nordic Deflection Explore multi-shaft structures that perform amazing grid-defying feats, using loom-controlled structures with interlacements that allow for movement, texture and curving lines.
  • Deflection class
    Deflection class
  • Flamboyant Blankets A special weft-faced technique produces a thick and luxurious blanket, with front and back sides showing two different colors and patterns.
  • Garn to Garment Weave exquisite yardages in a variety of our beautiful yarns and sew something to wear.

Band weaving opportunities:

  • More Swedish Classics A rare opportunity to delve into a whole smörgåsbord of projects including rep weave, bands, smålandsväv, lace, jämtlandsdräll, and ticking.
  • More Swedish Classics class
    More Swedish Classics class
  • Vävstuga Treasures An opportunity to receive individual coaching and create beautiful handwoven items that you might not tackle at home.
  • Backstrap Weaving with Laverne Scandinavia meets the Andes: compare their different traditions of pickup band weaving. Becky is looking forward to taking this class herself; come join in the fun.
The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that a couple of our newest classes now have slightly different titles. We are so excited about some of our new offerings that as the ideas develop and improve, so do their names.

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Interview with Becky

Karen gives us a followup interview with Becky, part 1 and part 2.
Karen's interview includes some charming photos
Karen’s interview includes some charming photos
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