New class offering: Sagas, Stripes & Fluff with Weft

February 2–6, 2015

We offer a special opportunity during the first week of February. This class has no prerequisite, though some weaving experience is recommended. If you’re intrigued by our new class but are not available at such short notice, please do let us know of your interest. That will help us plan our scheduling in the future.

Amazing variety of textiles

Learn new techniques with Becky in this special new class and discover the multitude of weaves that focus on weft. Experience first-hand the amazing variety of textiles — fluffy or flat, drapey or dense — that can sometimes even be woven on the same warp. Come away with beautiful new weavings destined for rugs, bags, hangings, yardage, upholstery, or your other favorite project.

Photo gallery

Master the mystery behind the famous Swedish Gubbatäcke. This six shaft weave will keep you endlessly entertained as you create your own “saga” behind the motifs.
Weave your own pelt coverlet backing in Corduroy. Not all of us can afford those sheepskins, so here is your chance to learn how to weave your own fluffy backing.
Rosepath, Bound Rosepath, Krokbragd and Dubbel krokbragd can amazingly be done all on the same warp with the same threading. Combining all
four of these techniques in one piece will mystify your weaving comrades.
Weft-faced Ticking
Weft-faced Ticking in linen or wool makes an elegant and durable upholstery fabric. Becky learned this weaving technique in her initial class in Sweden in 1981, but this is the first time she has presented it to one of her own classes at Vävstuga.
Dubbelbindning with rag weft
Dubbelbindning with rag weft. Dubbelbindning is a double-faced block weave that can make some of the most beautiful rugs, whether the weft is rags or wool.
Plain weave
Plain weave can create lovely drapey fabric for clothing when the right sett is used. What a joy to weave, being so simple, yet visually complex.
Dubbelbindning with wool weft.
Dubbelbindning with wool weft. Dubbelbindning is a double-faced block weave that can make some of the most beautiful rugs, whether the weft is rags or wool.
Flossa and Rya
Seeing the color deepen as you cut the pile of your first Flossa and Rya knots is magic. Tying these knots on the warp quickly becomes addictive once your hands try it out.


Instructor: Becky Ashenden Max enrollment: 8 Course fee: $850 (includes all instruction and studio time, course handouts, lunch Mon–Fri) Materials fee: $95 Room & board: $450 (includes lodging Sun–Thurs evenings, breakfast Mon–Fri, dinner Mon–Thurs) Schedule: Studio open 8am–7pm, instruction time 9am–7pm (studio closes at 5pm on Friday) Dates offered: February 2–6, 2015

Special discount

Vävstuga Basics class is not a prerequisite for this course, so we are pleased to welcome all weavers. If you are one of our alumni, invite a friend new to Vävstuga to join you, and each of you will get 10% off the course fee.
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