Message from Vävstuga re: Covid-19

Hello to our Vävstuga weaving family,

As Vävstuga faces these challenging weeks along with the rest of the world we hope you are all well and safe.

It is a time to settle in at home with family and we hope you will enjoy more time for your creative pursuits.

If you choose to sit at your loom to help these uncertain weeks pass, our web store and phone lines will remain open to serve our customers.

We have been in touch with those of you in our canceled classes, between now and April 10th, and we are making every effort to reschedule your valued time with us.

We will also continue to monitor the situation and to be in touch with those of you in later classes, if necessary, as things evolve. 

We very much look forward to seeing you and we send our best wishes to all of you in the days ahead.

Best wishes, Becky and the Vävstuga staff

p.s. – In hopes of adding a bit of cheer, please enjoy this youtube video. Finding peace and happiness in nature is always recommended.

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