January/February 2021 News

Happy New Year! January found us nicely settling in to our Bassett Road location. There has been a lot of cleaning and organizing and finding new homes for lots of things. In a blink it is suddenly February, so this will be a combined newsletter including new books, videos, and web store pages.   From the spacious Barn Studio in the warmer months, to new classroom spaces in the Farm House, we are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share this special place with students as soon as it is safe to do so. The store at the Farm House is also open for online orders and visits by appointment.  

2021 Classes

We are very close to confirming a class schedule for 2021. Becky has been reaching out to students who had rolled their deposits forward from 2020’s cancelled classes. Once they have chosen their preferred class times, we will let you know what is available for new class enrollments. We hope to be able to do that soon.

Book Back in Stock

We are delighted to announce that a revised edition of Kati Reeder Meek’s book, Warp with a Trapeze & Dance With Your Loom, is now in print and available through Vävstuga. Kati’s in-depth presentation of the warping trapeze and its many variations will meticulously guide every loom owner to success. These techniques can be applied to any loom. Kati has added a new chapter to this newly released edition entitled “A Revolution in Lacing-on”. Vävstuga’s own Trapeze Uprights, Cross Bars, and Trapping set will provide you with the tools you need to beam on your warp with even tension all by yourself.

Weaving Damask Book

Anne E. Nygård‘s beautiful book, Damaskvev has been translated into English and we are pleased to have Weaving Damask on our store shelves for you now. This is a textbook on the setting up and weaving of damask with a drawloom, and is the first Norwegian textbook published on this topic since 1849. All steps in the process of set-up are explained in words and pictures: beaming, threading, sleying, tying up the pattern shafts, and how to weave. The book also shows the setting up of single unit and how it can be used in combination with the shaft draw system. This encyclopedia of inspiration includes an introduction to drawing your own patterns, plus many patterns ready to go using 10–75 shafts.    

DVDs and Live Stream Videos

We have some very exciting news to share! Becky has completed the production of two live stream videos for her DVDs Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way and Dress Your Swedish Drawloom. The content can still be purchased in the DVD format, for those that prefer it that way. You may also purchase the live stream version on our web store or directly on Vimeo.    

New Web Store Page

Our web store has a fun new page for all the Notions that we stock. Having the right quality tools for the job at hand can make all the difference. Check out our carefully chosen collection, including the favorites below, as well as flower head pins, folding magnifiers, and more.

Plattväv Coverlet – 2 panel

Want to weave a coverlet on a smaller loom? We now have our tantalizing Plattväv coverlet – 2 panel available as a Warp-to-Go.

Seeking Warps-to-Go photos

Any of you who have woven our various Warps-to-Go, and have pictures you would like to share with us, we would love to see them. Many of these projects have only been viewed in two-dimensional form on the website. Seeing three-dimensional pieces of these designs would be inspirational to us, as well as to others. You can send your photos to the office email and let us know if we can share them on FaceBook, too.

For your Winter enjoyment

We have a few projects still in the works right now that we hope to share with you soon. Until then, we have a larger than usual list of fun links for you to explore, including a 10-year-old YouTube video that Becky just rediscovered of a concert she was part of in southern Vermont (non-weaving related but just for fun). Lily Hope Tlingit weaver Lotus silk weaving Fiber Instruction in the 1930s Norwegian bandweaving 1939 Becky on Santouri  
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