December 2022

Shopping deadline December 13

Last chance for shopping in 2022: Our last day for business this year will be December 13. We will reopen Tuesday, January 3.

New Blanket yarn is in

We are absolutely thrilled to offer you our new line of new Blanket yarn so soon. Just take a look at all of these incredibly luscious colors and incredible heather tones. Our initial order of this yarn came in just before Thanksgiving, and we have been hustling and bustling to get 120 colors up in our web store in time for your holiday shopping pleasure.

Blanket wool yarn
6/2 Blanket wool

Identical texture to Tuna

We did an experimental blanket project using Tuna wool on one side, and our new Blanket wool on the other side, and the texture is absolutely identical, proving to us that these two yarns are perfectly compatible with each other. In case you have a stash of Tuna and wonder if you can use it with our new blanket yarn, the answer is yes!

Yarn Playground demo

If you haven’t used our Yarn Playground in a while, you’ll enjoy this demo video following Becky’s thought process as she selects her first color candidates, rearranges them to show them in various orders and ratios, and puts her final selections in her shopping cart.


Special limited-edition shuttles in elm

We could not resist these beautiful special shuttles when we were in Sweden last September. They are in limited editions from AK Snickeri and make great holiday gifts. Each one is unique so they are not in our web store, but let this photo whet your appetite. Prices run from $32 to $49. Contact us to place your order.

limited-edition shuttles in elm by AK Snickeri
limited-edition shuttles in elm by AK Snickeri

Weighted damask shuttle back in stock

This sought-after shuttle is now again being manufactured, now by Öxabäck. It has a low profile–great for drawloom weaving–and open bottom with room for our longest quills. The eye opening for the thread is 2.75″ long, which allows the long quill to operate smoothly without catching.

weighted damask shuttle
weighted damask shuttle

Explorer loom makes a fantastic gift

This beautiful, fun, and versatile frame loom is an excellent way to introduce the concept of portable weaving to anyone, and is especially geared toward teenagers. Designed by Melvenea Hodges from our 2021 Väv Immersion program. Profits go toward Fabric of Life programs.

Explorer frame loom
Vävstuga Explorer frame loom
Voyager bracelet pack, Paradise
Voyager bracelet pack, Paradise


Three new book titles, each with a book-preview video on its store page.

Yarn-in-a-Jar: we will recall Tuna jars

Now that our new Blanket yarn is up for sale in our web store, we are preparing to make new 6/2 wool jars starting in January. This is quite a production and we will have all hands on deck to make enough jars to replace the ones that you send back to us for replacement. We will give mailing instructions in our January newsletter, so hang on to all of your jars for now and stand by for more information.

2023 class schedule

Posting will happen mid January. We have a full program planned for 2023 and are eager to share it with you, so don’t miss our January news.

Just for fun

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