Retreat for Vävstuga Vävsters

Weave together with fellow Vävstuga alumni

Dates offered 2023:
Jul 17–28 (concurrent with Sagas & Fluff, Rep Rally, and Vävstuga Basics)
Aug 14–25 (concurrent with Vävstuga Basics and Swedish Classics)

Have you been to Vävstuga many times and are wondering “What’s next for me?” Come weave with other Vävstuga Vävsters!

You can become a Vävstuga Vävster if you have taken:

  • Vävstuga Basics
  • Swedish Classics
  • One other 4–5 day class
  • (Väv Immersion satisfies all prerequisites. Mini Immersion satisfies Basics & Classics.)

If this describes you, this is an opportunity to gather with some of your favorite classmates for some targeted projects and weaving goals. As a Vävstuga Vävster, you will troubleshoot together and inspire each other to new weaving heights and ambitions.

What you can expect

  • A loom to yourself (or share looms as you choose)
  • Drawloom alumni may choose a drawloom to yourself
  • Vävstuga Bandlooms to share
  • Planning sessions with Becky, as needed
  • Access to our extensive research library
  • Classroom session as agreed upon by the group
  • Lots of quiet time to focus on your weaving
  • 2 group dinners each week
  • Self-serve breakfast and lunches

Project options

  • Gear your choices towards our Vävster Award requirements
  • Order your warp from us in advance to get the most out of your time here
  • See Vävstuga Projects for lots of possibilities
  • Full project set-up is available ahead with enough notice
  • Plan your own projects
  • Weave on our damask drawloom
Vävsters Retreat


Vävsters Retreat

bound rosepath trees

Vävsters Retreat


Vävsters Retreat


Vävsters Retreat


Vävsters Retreat


Vävsters Retreat


Vävsters Retreat

rep rug

Vävsters Retreat


Vävsters Retreat


Prerequisites: Vävsters eligibility

Max enrollment: 2

Program costs: $1200, plus your choice of room & board

Materials fee: by weight

Schedule: Arrival Sun 5pm, departure Fri afternoon


Early application deadline: March 15, 2023
We will review later applications as they come in.


Let us know your preferred timing, but also your flexibility so that we can accommodate as many students as possible into our schedule once we have all the applications in hand. Preference will be given to group applications.

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