Student testimonials

Here's a small sampling of the unsolicited comments received from satisfied students.

I learned so much and enjoyed the great facilities and company. Such a pity Shelburne Falls is so far away from Australia. Many thanks for all.
—K.F., NSW, Australia

I feel I've been exposed to a whole new way of living ... an experience that goes beyond the art of weaving alone! Thank you for this opportunity.
—C.P., Portland, ME

Thank you so much for this wonderful week with you at Vävstuga! I have learned so much. I am excited to go home and continue my weaving journey. You have created a beautiful, thoughtful, nourishing school, full of humor and kindness, patience and compassion. The meals are excellent — delicious and creative. I'm looking forward to coming back for another class! Thank you.
—D.F., Washington, MA

I cannot tell you how wonderful I thought it all was. ... You are a great teacher, and you have so much patience, that you were a great encouragement to all of us .... I am a novice weaver, and [the other members of my guild] have been weavers for years. However, they were very impressed at what I had woven and what we accomplished in just one week.
—C.H. in IL

I think we left with each of us feeling a little amazed that with your help, we were able to complete so many lovely items.
—E.T. in NY

I can't thank you enough for providing me with the greatest sense of achievement I've ever had in my life. ...You are a wonderful teacher. Not only do you have the necessary knowledge, organization, and communication skills but your kindness, good spirits and sense of fun make the learning process such a special one.
—D.C. in MA

Thank you for a wonderful week of weaving in a perfect setting.
—J.D. in MD

What a treat to come into your studio and have you share so much of your knowledge, your humor, your space and your life. It is a rare gift that you have to make each individual feel special.
—B.S. in PA

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful week of weaving. It's the best instruction I've received, plus I loved the atmosphere. I feel I've received a solid foundation in the techniques of Scandinavian weaving. And they are such good techniques — everything you suggested worked and felt really good.
—C.P. in KS

Your "pearls" on good weaving technique have given me skills to work on here (I can already see a significant improvement in my speed and my selvages). I loved your drafting classes. I want to understand the mechanics of the process so that I can design my own projects. It also was a great break from physical to mental learning. ... You just thought of everything to make our stay comfortable and rewarding.
—H.H. in TX