Mora bands — Sami bands — Leksand bands — Baltic bands — Norwegian bands Enjoy the camaraderie of a festive atmosphere while delving into your own personal project

Instructors: Becky Ashenden & Eva Gaultney, with guest assistant Anne Littlebird Dates offered 2023: Aug 28 – Sep 1 (concurrent with Vävstuga Bandloom)
The weaving of narrow bands is one of the most ancient forms of weaving known to man, and remains popular today. From the bandages used to wrap Egyptian mummies to the complex bands of Scandinavia, band weaving has taken many forms. Band weaving is inexpensive, portable, endlessly fascinating, and very easy to learn. There are many types and techniques for creating woven bands. Traditionally, bands have been used for harnesses, carrying water, clothing, and just about anywhere attaching, tying, or connecting was required. Today a beautiful handwoven band can easily take the place of a rubber band or string, and will enhance your life in the process.

Floor loom projects

On your own loom:
  • You choose your warp
  • (We will contact you with choice details)
Shared floor looms, set to go:
  • Simple pick-up from Skåne
  • Hefty Sami band
  • Leksand pick-up
  • Estonian treadled band
  • Plain weave

Rigid heddle projects

  • Design and analysis
  • Learn to warp on “chairs”
  • Threading, the easy way
  • Weaving technique
  • Packing for safe storage
  • Pattern pick-up
  • Fringe finishing


Schedule details

Monday warps will be pre-sleyed, ready to beam with help from your neighbors, followed by threading heddles, and weaving. Tuesday weaving will continue, and we will start setting up rigid heddles. Wednesday we will start rotating on the extra looms, which will be set up ahead of time. Daily classroom sessions will build on each other through the week, providing a thorough exposure to many examples, techniques, materials, and designs.

bands 1


bands 2


bands 3


bands 4


Estonian band, floor loom


Latvian band, special border


rigid heddles galore


rigid heddle warps


chevron pattern, rigid heddle


peeking inside rigid heddle

Register now

Prerequisites: none Max enrollment: 6 Course fee: $950 (includes all instruction and studio time, course handouts, lunch Wed–Fri) Materials fee: $75 Days offered: Five-day session, Mon–Fri Schedule: Instruction time 9:00–noon and 1:30–4:00. Exceptions: on the last day, instruction ends at noon, and checkout must be completed by 3:00. Once a session begins, the Barn studio is available at all hours.
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