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We offer weaving classes in Shelburne MA. Shelburne is in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, near the town of Greenfield, which is at the intersection of routes I-91 and 2. We're about a 2 hour drive from Boston, or about 3 hours from New York City.

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80 Bassett Road, Shelburne MA
We have relocated entirely to the bucolic property we used to call the Farm Studio, located at Becky's childhood home. In-person classes are resuming as that becomes feasible.
By appointment
For those of you who are local, we now welcome you to make an appointment to come browse the store in person. Unvaccinated shoppers should bring a mask and expect to wear it at all times that social distancing is not possible.
Your home
Weave with us from home during the pandemic. We've been adding a variety of resources to help keep you entertained during the long months of isolation.