July 2009

There are still 2 slots left in our Linens class starting July 27th, in case any of you can get away at the last minute. This beautiful fiber has no equal.
Linens class
scutching fibers in Linens class
Our recent shipment of Rya yarn in every color has us eagerly anticipating our Rya class on Monday and Tuesday of Labor Day weekend. We are still accepting registrations for this class. We just had a fabulous three day Drawloom class as part of NEWS (New England Weavers seminar) with eight students. We are tentatively planning a week-long class in Drawloom techniques late next winter, so if you’re interested please let us know now, and we will keep you posted as the schedule is confirmed.
last weekend's Drawloom class
last weekend's Drawloom class
All of our Basics classes are full for the rest of the year. We are still accepting names for the waiting lists. Check out this recent blog, wonderous woolerie, by one of our June Basics students. Our first apprentice, Celeste, has honored us with her presence for 4 months so far and 2 more to go. She has been doing some fabulous weaving and we will be announcing our incoming Fall apprentice soon. Becky is off to Sweden for a week to experience the culture of the fäbo (Mountain Summer Village) in a week-long class.
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