August 2009

We have had such a demand for our Vävstuga Basics class that another one has been opened up for the week of November 9-13, 2009. The first 5 students to enroll will have an opportunity to lodge at Vävstuga, and the remaining students will need to provide their lodging elsewhere. If you would like to enroll, the deposit for the course is $200; the remainder is due at the time of the class. Becky reports on her recent trip to Sweden: I just got back from a wonderful week at Sätergläntan taking a class in life at the fäbod (Swedish Summer Farm). We made cheeses and butter 19th-century style. Garlands, brooms links and whisks were made of birch branches. We spent a day making a section of fence and a day learning to mow hay with proper use of a scythe and hay rake. Their weather is so wet in the summer that you need to hang the hay on a big rack in the field, which we learned to do as well. Our teacher Ralf Mååg was an endless source of knowledge and stories. Ralf’s assistant, Matthis, helped us with a wood carving every afternoon, among other things. It was a wonderful language immersion for me.
summer farm in Sweden
summer farm in Sweden
time for fiddling
time for fiddling with Ralf
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