March 2010

March is here and we’re heading into the next phase of our building’s construction project: the interior of the office/retail space. There will be times between March 13th and April 2nd when it will be next to impossible to reach certain portions of our inventory. If you have a special project that you may need yarn for, please check your stash now. All orders need to be placed prior to this coming Friday, March 12th. We will do our utmost to fulfill orders during the above-mentioned dates, but mass chaos may get the best of us. Everyone here has fallen in love with the new Julia loom with 8-shaft countermarch. Cute as a button and affordable, this loom offers the comfort of a full size floor loom with a petite footprint.
Julia countermarch loom in action
Julia countermarch loom in action

1 thought on “March 2010”

  1. Julia really is worth loving! Cute, easy to handle! And it adds life and beaty to our dining room! I really do love this little loom; it gives me opportunity to weave in my appartment as it is so SMALL! And the eight shafts! Just get one yourself!
    Eva T Stockholm

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