August 2010

We know it is mid-August and like our newsletters out the first of each month. Believe us, the wait is worth the beautiful pictures below. We hung up our freshly painted sign this past Saturday, signifying the end of the construction project. Hooray! Oh sure, there still will be contractors trooping in and out from time to time, but much of the chaos is behind us.
store renovations complete!
our freshly painted sign
We are officially back in our little storefront with a new part-time employee. Paul Bombardier joined the Vävstuga team earlier this month. With the addition of Paul we now offer store hours from 1-5pm Wednesday through Saturday. As the business grows we look forward to adding more hours and days.
Paul Bombardier, our new store employee
Paul Bombardier, our new store employee
We have a Bands class in process the first part of this week. The eight students are having a blast and learning more about bands than they thought possible.
this week's bandloom class
Our September Classics class has three openings; if you are a Basics alum you qualify for enrollment. Our warps will include the following techniques:
  • Treadled Finnish Opphämta, 30/2 linen warp
  • Smålandsväv in 16/2 cotton
  • Satin in linen and wool
  • Monk’s belt and rosepath on the same warp, 20/2 linen warp
  • Turned overshot on two beams, cotton warp
  • Rep rug or runner, 16/2 cotton warp
  • 8 shaft twill shawl, Mora wool warp
  • Plain weave with singles linen!
Enjoy what remains of this extremely hot summer.

2 thoughts on “August 2010”

  1. Hello Vavstuga Friends,

    So glad to see the beautiful renovations to the shop are complete, and adding Father Paul to the staff is like icing on the cake! My mom and I are looking forward to visiting Vavstuga later this year for more weaving inspiration in the company of kindred spirits.

    Dawn Johnson and Donna Lopez

  2. nice to put a face to a voice..Paul helped me out ordering a rag rug book while Becky was away…very helpful guy.

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