October 2011

As of October 1st we will be ceasing our regularly scheduled retail store hours and dedicating more of our precious time to our mail order business. This equates to more quality time available to spend with you, both in person and on the phone. You are always welcome to visit our store, but please call first to make an appointment. Our telephone hours will remain the same, Wednesday-Saturday 1-5 p.m. Eastern Time. Due to a multitude of cancellations we have two spots available in Vävstuga Basics November 7-11, 2011. There is one bed available in our dorm for this particular week. If you’re interested, please contact us immediately. As always, a $200 deposit is required to secure a spot. If you’d like to apply for a scholarship to one of our Basics classes offered in 2012, send in your scholarship application soon. Becky has returned once more from a rich and fulfilling two-week trip to Sweden including the big national weaving conference “Väv” that happens every three years. She visited many of our suppliers.
Author Ann-Sofie Svansbo displaying Östgötadräll in her booth at Väv
After the conference Becky spent an inspirational week under the expert instruction of Gunvor Johansson to further her knowledge of the art weaving techniques of southern Sweden. Gunvor is a professional weaver as well as renowned teacher. She specializes in drawlooms, and in the techniques of krabbasnar, halvkrabba, dukagang, trensaflossa and rolakan.
Becky with Gunvor Johansson
Becky with Gunvor Johansson
New/returned to our bookstore: Book preview of the month: Ann-Sofie Svansbo’s Östgötadräll (Woven coverlets from Östergötland)
Tropical Storm Irene was an unwelcome visitor on August 28, 2011. Our building did not suffer any damage but the retaining wall between our building and the Deerfield River was damaged considerably. We lost nearly 25′ of our 30′ backyard. Becky and her husband John lend scale to the size of the destruction.
the retaining wall behind our building
What's left of the retaining wall behind our building after Tropical Storm Irene
Let’s hope that Autumn brings us all plenty of inspirational colors! Becky and Susan
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