February 2012

If one of your goals for the New Year is to attend Vävstuga Basics, we only have the following spaces remaining for the calendar year:
  • February 13-17th, 1 spot with Room & Board available
  • February 27-March 2nd, 2 spots with Room & Board, 2 spots without Room & Board
  • April 2-6th, 2 spots with Room & Board
  • June 18-22nd, 1 spot without Room & Board
  • Jul 30-Aug 3rd, 3 spots with Room & Board
Our newly revised Swedish Classics in January was a grand success! Check out the beautiful work from last week’s students. Peacham (a stuffed frog) from the Peacham, VT library system visited us for the class — see his photo essay about his adventures.
Swedish Classics projects, January 2012
Swedish Classics projects, January 2012
Vävstuga Treasures participants are at work this week doing equally amazing things!
This week's Treasures class
This week's Treasures class
The Vävstuga apprentice program is picking up steam. Sarah Easton finished her six-month stint on January 13th. She spent two weeks training incoming apprentice, Mary Beebee. Mary has been initiated into the Vävstuga family, and is working/playing hard and has already done lots of weaving. Our next opening for this incredible opportunity will be mid-January 2013. The latest Borgs order just arrived and is unpacked and on the shelves. Now is a good time to order Borgs wool yarns and string yarn, as most of our colors are currently in stock. Book preview of the month: Väv Som Vi! (Weave Like Us!), by Mariana Eriksson & Kerstin Lovallius (available in our Store).
Mini movie of the month: Making choke ties
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