January 2017

Happy New Year!

Two weaving books are back in stock

book-bengsimple_216x300th-book-johadamastWe are delighted to let you know that the book Simple Weaves: Over 30 Classic Patterns and Fresh New Styles is back in stock on our web store. Projects include towels, place mats, throws, rugs, pillows, and curtains in a wide variety of structures. Also back in stock is the booklet Damast which contains 23 different project ideas in damask for your drawloom, has beautiful color photos, and comes with an English language supplement.    

Vävstuga Favorites – New twist – No prerequisite on “easy” projects

Good news for us – Our Vävstuga Basics classes are fully subscribed for 2017 (wait lists available). Good news for you – Our Vävstuga Favorites class now has openings for first timers to Vävstuga. Even if you have never taken a class with us before, anything on the class page labeled “Easy” is yours for the choosing. You’ll get to learn how to dress your loom the Vävstuga way and have the opportunity to learn some drafting and other tips from Becky, as well as be inspired by the lovely projects being woven by your classmates. Please encourage your friends who were hoping to take Basics this year, but did not get in, to consider this class alternative. faves-plainrunnerfaves-plaintowelfaves-plainsquare For our Basics Alumni – check out our new Vävstuga Favorites Curtains page! Those of you who have been to Vävstuga know that all our windows have beautiful, handwoven curtains. We’re excited to offer these new project options to your Favorites choices so you can bring this tradition to your own home! Here is just a sampling of pictures, with more on the curtains page: faves-curtains-jukkas faves-curtains-bluecheck faves-curtains-daldrallfaves-curtains-stramaj  

Vävstuga Treasures – New projects & delicious meals

For our Basics alumni we also have several new, beautiful projects to entice you to come and join us for a Vävstuga Treasures session in 2017. Click on the projects link on the class page to view all our selections.
Nordic Classics 2016
Treadled Opphämta
Treasures daldrall
Rep Placemats on 6 shafts

Also new this year:

Treasures sessions are happening at the same time as some of our regular weekly classes, so you may now register for our full room & board or, for day students, our wonderful meals at the daily rates during your Treasures session.

Drawloom Treasures – New projectopphamta-tablecloth-21-pattern-shafts-web

For our Drawloom Basics alumni we offer a new Drawloom & Linen Treasures project, too!  Come and weave a gorgeous Lithuanian Opphämta (Shaft Draw Opphämta on 21 Pattern Shafts) with Monksbelt.  

More Swedish Classics – 2 spaces open February 27-March 3

REP, BANDS, MYGTJÄLL, SMÅLANDSVÄV, 3-SHAFT TICKING, JÄMTLANDSDRÄLL!  We may not be offering the More Swedish Classics class in 2018 in order to make room for other classes, so join us now if you can. moreclassics-0221afmoreclassics-0221aumoreclassics-0222acmoreclassics-0221admoreclassics-0221an     moreclassics-0221ah  

Swedish Classics – possible addition

If Swedish Classics is high on your wish list, do let us know. We may be able to add another week of this class this year, April 17-21, if enough folks want to take it. We hope to see you in 2017! Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.
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