October 2017

Join us for two fun classes in November and December 2017!

We are excited to welcome two wonderful guest teachers to Vävstuga this winter for the following classes. There are a few spaces available and we hope you’ll join us. Scandinavian Knitting with Beth Brown-Reinsel, November 1-3 Come learn how to knit the Norwegian Fana cardigan — just a few spaces left in this workshop.
Birch Bark Weaving with Elaine Moe on Friday, December 1, 1:30–4:30pm Come and make a lovely star ornament. Please call or email the office to register for this fun afternoon workshop.

2018 Class Schedule is filling already

Thank you to all who have registered for 2018 classes. We are filling up quickly.

Vävstuga Treasures, for our Basics Alumni, is changing in 2018

There will be just two Vävstuga Treasures projects offered in 2018 for our Basics Alumni. One of each of the following two projects will be available Wednesday-Friday concurrent with our Basics class weeks and the dates are on the Treasures class page. Treasures project #1: Come and weave Roy’s Smålandsväv, first brought to us by Roy Orr as a fabric structure to analyze. We’ve been weaving it ever since. With a cottolin warp and a Möbelåtta wool and cottolin weft, this is your chance to make a small and beautiful coverlet that is fairly easy to weave. It also lends itself to a sheepskin backing.
Treasures project #2: This Satin Tablecloth on 10 shafts has been a favorite runner at our dining room table for many years and now we have decided to use this as inspiration for a larger tablecloth in the same colors and pattern. With a 16/2 cotton warp and a 16/1 linen weft, this project has an elegant sheen. This is a large piece to weave in 3 days and is a project geared towards our experienced alumni. The 10 treadles and wide width will give you a great physical workout. If you have less experience, you are still welcome to take this on, but may end up with a shorter piece.

Vävstuga Favorites classes in 2018

While most of the beloved Treasures projects are not being offered as such in 2018, many of them will now be offered as Vävstuga Favorites projects where you can even choose your own warp colors and lengths. “Easy” projects, for those who haven’t taken the Basics class yet, include napkins, towels, and plain weave or rep runners. View the class page to see the long list of Favorites projects available to our Basics alumni. These projects are the ones students have referred to as “my favorite” when they see all the incredible hand wovens Becky has created over the years.

September 2017 Vävstuga Favorites and Treasures class projects

Wow! We had some gorgeous projects woven last month! We look forward to seeing what the October Favorites and Treasures students will create next week!
Halvkrabba is woven upside down with yarn butterflies. It’s not on our Vävstuga Favorites class page yet, but this project will be offered in 2018.
Roy’s Smålandsväv is one of the two Vävstuga Treasures projects available in 2018. It provides an opportunity for wonderful color play.
Jämtlandsdräll Tablecloth
Several Jämtlandsdräll Runners are available as Vävstuga Favorites projects
Beautiful weft-faced Krokbragd is all about color. This will be available as a Vävstuga Favorites project in 2018.
The elegant Mora shawl has beautiful shading and drape. Also available as a Vävstuga Favorites project where you can choose your own warp colors.
The Enkel Skillbragd coverlet lends itself beautifully to a sheepskin background. But which color to choose?
Tonya and Kim try on several sheepskins with Tom from The Leprechaun Sheepskin Company. It’s always fun at Vävstuga! Tom will continue to offer sheepskin backings for the Roy’s Smålandsväv Treasures project in 2018.
Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.
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