January 2019

Happy New Year!

We hope we’ll get to enjoy your presence at one or more of our 2019 classes!

Vävstuga Basics

We still have a bit of room in the following Vävstuga Basics classes: February 4-8, February 25-March 1, April 15-19, December 2-6, and December 9-13. Join us if you can!

Vävstuga Treasures

There are still plenty of Vävstuga Treasures sessions available for our Basics alumni. Come to weave either the elegant Jämtlandsdräll Tablecloth or the beautiful Plattväv coverlet.

New Book

Damaskvev is a textbook on the setting up and weaving of damask with a drawloom and is the first Norwegian textbook published on this topic since 1849. Knowing Norwegian would be useful, but there is plenty to work with here just looking at all the pictures.  The book also shows the setting up of single unit and how it can be used in combination with the shaft draw system. An introduction to drawing your own patterns, plus many patterns ready to go using 10−75 shafts completes this encyclopedia of inspiration. You can watch Becky’s video review of the book on its web store page.

Drawloom & Linen Treasures projects

We offer two gorgeous and challenging projects for our Drawloom Basics/Drawloom ABC alumni: A Damask Tablecloth and a Lithuanian Opphämta with Monksbelt Tablecloth.
Damask Tablecloth
We now have this exciting Damask warp up and running, and here is the first tablecloth almost halfway done. The middle has a pointed threading on 29 pattern shafts, and there is a strip on each edge that has single unit patterning available 15 units wide.
Once this tablecloth warp is finished, we have another design prepared to weave of cabins between trees, inspired by the photo below, which provided inspiration for the project in the first place.
Lithuanian Opphämta with Monksbelt Tablecloth Inspired by Kati Meek’s book Relections from a Flaxen Past: For Love of Lithuanian Weaving, we proudly offer this treat of a warp. Take this opportunity to weave a wide piece of Opphämta, with Monksbelt stripes as used in Lithuania’s breathtaking traditional costumes. Kati offers us a plentiful selection of beautiful 21 shaft patterns in her book to inspire your creativity. It is also a blast to make your own patterns such as Becky’s porcupines pictured here.   Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.  
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