February 2019

Feeling Spontaneous?  Or do you prefer long-range plans?

Only two Vävstuga Basics class weeks have space. Be spontaneous and join us next week: February 4-8 Call the office today at 413-625-8241, or early Monday morning, for next week’s class. We have room in our lodging, too. or plan ahead for: December 9-13.

Scandinavian Knitting class with Beth Brown-Reinsel

Join knitting teacher extraordinaire, Beth Brown-Reinsel, to knit this Danish Skrå-trøje sweater, a design dating back to the late 1800s. It is unusual in that most Danish knitting at that time was of one color, while this Skrå-trøje was knitted in navy and white. You can choose your two colors of our gorgeous Tuna wool for this class, November 13-15.

For Basics Alumni

In addition to the two gorgeous projects offered in Vävstuga Treasures,
Jämtlandsdräll Tablecloth
Plattväv Coverlet
our Basics Alumni can enjoy our newest class:

Farmhouse Projects

The project choices in this class are seemingly endless, so we share just a few of the options below. See our website for more. You can choose your own colors, warp length, and either take home any  remaining warp at the end of the week, or stay for extra days to finish here.
Exquisite tablecloths Here are just a few:  

Gorgeous Rugs  Choose your own colors to match your decor:  
Curtains you’ve admired at Vävstuga:  
Cozy and beautiful Coverlets that used to be in our Treasures sessions only:  
Inspired? Farmhouse Projects classes are coming up in March, April and May.

 15-week Väv Immersion Program

August 12-November 22, 2019
For an in depth weaving experience you will remember for a lifetime, consider this comprehensive course which includes challenging projects and extensive theory classes set in a bucolic farmhouse setting.
Co-sponsored by Fabric of Life 501(c)3 and Vävstuga.
For information please contact Jennifer Martin, Program & Partnership Agent.
Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.
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