September News

Fall is in the air! What will you weave?

It’s a great time of year to turn towards cozy weaving projects for your home and we have a few ideas to share.

Favorite Scandinavian Projects to Weave: 45 Stylish Designs for the Modern Home

This is the perfect book to inspire weaving for the home with 45 beautiful projects including many 4 shaft and 8 shaft designs and even a 10 shaft rep rug that uses a monks belt motif. This collection of rugs, blankets, towels, runners, upholstery materials, and curtains could keep any inspired weaver busy for a long time.

Vävstuga Favorites

You can also join us this fall for a Vävstuga Favorites class and choose a wonderful project with your choice of colors to match your decor. There are so many beautiful projects to choose from, whether you are new to Vävstuga or a Basics alum.  We have a few spaces open the weeks of Sept 16-20, Oct 21-25, and Nov 4-8. Interested in weaving rep runners for your table? Perhaps your table needs some beautiful squares or runners in gorgeous stripes and plaids, or fancier runners and squares in Smålandsväv and Jämtlandsdräll?  Favorites is a great class to work on these more complex or multi-harness projects. If you’re feeling particularly cozy, we recommend you come and weave a gorgeous rosepath, boundweave, or krokbragd rug, or a rya/flossa wall hanging or coverlet, or get adventurous with a gubbetäcke, krabbasnår or halvkrabba project! As you can see, the options are almost endless in the Favorites classes and we hope you’ll join us this fall.

Two more inspirational books

Fall is also a wonderful time to weave coverlets and these books are great resources for design ideas. The Gartner Manuscript is a gold mine for those who enjoy weaving the innumerable structures that use blocks, including rep, overshot, double weave, twill blocks, lace weaves, jämtlandsdräll (crackle), and M’s and O’s, just to name a few. If coverlets are on your mind, Östötadräll presents a glorious collection of Östergötland’s woven bedcovers from the 1800s which kept people warm both in beds and in open sleighs. Although this book does not go into depth with the weaving drafts, profile drawdowns clearly show how the blocks are arranged, and the weave structures used are mainly four shaft twill or broken twill, though five shaft satin is found as well. We refer you to page 19-21 of Weave Structures the Swedish Way to find instructions for threading, treadling, and tie-up for structures presented in this wonderful book.

Scandinavian Knitting – what could be cozier?

Please join us for Beth Brown-Reinsel’s Scandinavian Knitting class, Nov 13-15. Beth will be teaching the Danish Skrå-trøje. Beth will teach many useful and transferable skills, such as working from a chart, working with two different sizes of yarn, seam stitching, knitting the main motif, the underarm half gusset, working with a yarn in each hand or with 2 yarns in the left hand, purling in pattern with two yarns on the wrong side of the garment, creating a front slit, creating facings, a twined knitting braid on the cuff, an overlapped cuff slit, and assembly.

Sock Knitting Kit

Beth Brown-Reinsel has adapted one of her beautiful sock patterns to use our gorgeous Tuna wool.  Our Sock Knitting Kit includes one skein of each selected color of Tuna wool yarn, plus the pattern. We’re offering four options of color combinations that we (and our model Moosey) love, which you can select when you order on our web store. We are also happy to accommodate your personal favorite color selections instead, using any two of our 108 colors of Tuna wool.  What could be cozier than wool socks?

15-week Väv Immersion Program is underway

Co-sponsored by Vävstuga and Fabric of Life, we welcomed five talented weavers to our 3rd year of this 15-week program.  Aaron, Eva, Hanna, Kiri, and Meghan have settled in well, designing and weaving their own towels, fabrics, and blankets during their first 3 weeks. Color, design, fabric analysis, and drafting classes have also been presented, with more to come!
Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.  
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