January 2020

Happy New Year!

A New Class for new students and alum

Blanket in a Week – January 20-24

No need to plan anything ahead for this project. Choose your colors here and design as you wind the blanket on the mill. This process frees you up to use lots of colors of our beautiful Tuna wool and to make stripes with no need for math! The basket weave structure keeps your time for threading and weaving to a minimum and produces a thick and luxurious blanket everyone will want to wrap themselves up in. 120cm loom width still available for this week.

2 NEW Classes for our Basics Alum in January & February

Designing Awesome Warps – January 27 – 31

We are so excited about this unprecedented class. Whether you love to design or are afraid of it, Becky has prepared an in depth program using accessible ways to trigger the imagination with a whole variety of fun tools, including scissors, tape, colored paper, magnets, glue, paint, colored pencils and more. The opportunity to expand your hat full of tricks at the warping mill will be eye-opening! Students can expect to complete 2 project sheets each day including towels, tablecloth, blanket, yardage, monksbelt, plattväv, rep placemats, dubbelbindning rugs, smålandsväv, rosepath and block weaves, all designed by you complete with any assistance required doing the math for each one. A special session sharing tips on calculating pre-sleying will top off the theoretical portion. Students will be offered the opportunity to wind as many warps as desired to take home,  giving lots of practice taking advantage of our beautiful colors of cotton, wool, and linen.Spend a week dedicated to exploring patterns, colors, and textures, learning specific design techniques, and winding warps on our mills to take home ready to hit the loom.

Mönster Parti – February 3-7

In Swedish, a mönster is a pattern, and a parti is a block. Come and learn to use a single profile draft for many different weave structures. Our woven projects and daily theory lessons will expose you to the endless variations that are possible.  This class delves into the inner workings of a profile draft, and is the most technical weaving class Vävstuga has offered up to this point. One profile can be used for many different structures. Explorations for this week include Damask, Rep, Lace, Double weave, Pseudo-damask, Shadow weave and Taqueté (dubbelbindning in multiple blocks). Students will practice taking a profile draft to make detailed threadings, treadlings and tie-ups for each of these weave structures. We will also see how changing the profile tie-up changes the patterns dramatically.

2020 Vävstuga Basics

We have added several spaces to our Vävstuga Basics class to try to reduce our usual waiting lists and welcome more students into the Vävstuga community.If you, or someone you know, have tried to enroll in Basics in the past, but our classes were full, we hope you’ll try again in 2020. Basics classes with a few spaces left include February 24-28, March 9-13 and March 23-27. Basics classes with plenty of space include April 6-10, July 13-17, and August 10-14.
Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.
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