February 2020

Designing Awesome Warps

What a wonderful time we all had with the first Designing Awesome Warps class! Join us November 9-13 for the next one!

We pushed the looms aside to make room for our work tables. Each student had their own tool box filled with everything needed for the many tools introduced. Lots of laughter and camaraderie were shared while we wrapped and cut and pasted and painted. Serious study of stripes, profile blocks, proportion, structure, and drafting was offered each day with woven examples to inspire us. An abundance of beautiful warp designs were created and some took to the mills at the end of the week to bring their designs home to weave. We are so looking forward to seeing the pictures!

March/April Classes

Vävstuga Basics only 1 or 2 spaces available: March 9-13, March 23-27, April 6-10 and April 20-24

Call or email the office to register. If these dates don’t work for your schedule, there is still plenty of room in our July 13-17 and August 10-14 Basics class weeks. Enjoy Spring or Summer at Vävstuga with the Bridge of Flowers in full bloom.

Farmhouse Projects/Vävstuga Favorites A few spaces available: March 3-6 and March 31-April 3

The Farmhouse Projects class allows our Basics Alumni to take on projects that might be slightly larger or more complex than your own loom allows. It also provides time to stay into the weekend or even the following week to tackle longer warps such as curtains, tablecloths, rugs and more.

You can also choose to weave any of our Vävstuga Favorites projects during these weeks. Many of the Favorites projects are available to those who have not yet taken the Vävstuga Basics class.

All of the project warps can be wound for you in your choice of colors and loom set-up can be done in advance for you to whatever degree you desire.

See our Farm House Projects and Vävstuga Favorites class pages for all the beautiful possibilities. Future weeks for these classes include June 8-12, June 16-19, and October 27-30.

Coming soon – Handwoven Wool Blankets

Eva and Meghan, two of our Väv Immersion students, have returned to Shelburne Falls and are weaving stunning wool blankets that will soon be available for purchase. They will be posting them on an Etsy website for your viewing pleasure within the next few weeks.  Keep your eyes open for these unique blankets.

Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.

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