July News

Hello dear and valued Vävstuga friends,

Book Sale on Vävstuga Press Titles

As a celebration of offering Vävstuga weaving classes for 30 years, we have dedicated our entire month of July to an unprecedented Vävstuga Press book sale. These books sit at the heart of our mission to provide quality weaving education in the Swedish tradition in the English language. The 20% off sale runs until July 31st at midnight.  Please place your orders on our web store. The discount will appear in your shopping basket. We appreciate your business very much!

Transitions at Vävstuga

This challenging time has been described by many as offering an opportunity to rethink and envision a “new normal”. We have been focusing on how to shift our attention during these last few months to ensure that Vävstuga will continue to thrive and provide quality education for generations to come. We ask for, and appreciate, your ongoing support with what that will look like for Vävstuga.

Moving to Bassett Road, Shelburne

The beautiful Shelburne Falls weaving studio, which many of you have grown to love, has become too large a financial burden for Vävstuga to sustain with the uncertainty of when full-size classes can resume in a small space. We are in the process of locating the entire business to the Farmhouse and Barn Studios on Basset Road in Shelburne, MA. We anticipate the development of the Bassett Road property into a glorious, comfortable, and peaceful weaving retreat which will be a continuing work in progress.

Virtual Learning

This necessary shift comes with other changes. In order to make our weaving classes available to a wider audience at a time when fewer students can come to us, Becky will commence putting all of her class materials on video to be available by subscription. This will be a large undertaking as we review the last 30 years of a substantial amount of class material and we are committed to taking the time to do it well. If all goes as planned, a starter package will be available later this year.


In order to learn more about everyone’s needs and desires, we have put together a survey which should not take long to complete. The answers you share will be invaluable to us and we thank you in advance for your time and input. Click here for a link to the Vävstuga Transition Survey. Our sister organization, Fabric of Life 501c3, is also going through a time of transition and has created a survey of their own. Over the next several months they will be reevaluating how to steer their focus to suit our inevitable “new normal”. Your input will be invaluable to their decision-making during this process. Becky appreciates your time in completing this survey, as well. Click here for a link to the Fabric of Life 501c3 Transition Survey. Thank you for your time!

Weaving Exhibition in two parts

Along with news of transition, we bring you an opportunity to see new projects that Becky has been working on. These two videos ended up on the long side, so set yourself up with a cup of tea and sit back! If you think you hear some rain and thunder, you are correct! Not our intention, but that’s how it turned out. Those of you in dry places might enjoy that part. Part 1: Recent Woven Projects Becky has been busy weaving new projects she has developed over the last year, along with emptying warp beams that have been waiting for her attention. Please enjoy the beautiful results! Part 2: Sigrid Palmgren’s Väv Bok project focuses on an exciting book project that we have been engaged in, and will continue to work on, which included weaving new examples for the reprint of a wonderful book. The video features work done in the last year (except for one set of towels from 13 years ago). All this weaving work is made possible by our wonderful staff at Vävstuga and our team of enthusiastic weavers who have joined this project.

Virtual Classroom

    We have added two video lessons this month to our Virtual Classroom to enable you to weave a blanket double the width of your loom. Our Blanket Warps to Go are now a possibility for weavers with narrower looms. Here are the links to: Pre-sleying a double-width blanket warp and Double-width tie-up construction

MA Phased Reopening

As the Northeast gradually and tentatively opens up, we welcome our first students next week since last March. Our Governor is only allowing travelers to enter MA from the 6 other Northeastern States. We will have a small group taking our Vävstuga Basics class in our barn studio, which has plenty of ventilation and good separation between looms and tables. Each student will have their own basket of supplies and we will be eating our mid-day meal in the fresh air.
We are taking all the precautions we can to keep everybody safe, and we are eager to bring our classes back to life as long as the Northeast continues on its good path. We encourage everyone to do their part to contain the virus by wearing masks, keeping socially distant, washing hands, and following the guidance of our health experts. Be well!

Two more fun links

The following videos were sent to us by two of our students. If you cannot open the links directly, you can copy and paste the URLs into your browser. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=229728951445053 https://www.selvedge.org/blogs/selvedge/soundweaving    
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