August 2020

Two wonderful books are back in print

Warp and Weft

This concise, but encyclopedic, collection of weave structures is a must for everybody’s weaving library. This long-awaited reprint has been meeting boundless enthusiasm already. The extensive collection of projects includes full draw downs and profile drafts. A close-up photograph of the woven fabric is shown adjacent to each draw down, and the text goes into detail about each structure in a straightforward, understandable manner. The honeycomb curtains that hang in our Water Street studio are just one of the exciting structures in this book. These curtains are also available in the Farmhouse Projects class.  

Favourite Rag Rugs: 45 Inspiring Weave Designs

We are delighted that Tina Ignell’s superb rag rug book is back in print. It is beautifully illustrated, with nearly 200 examples, including variations on plain weaves, twills, satins, block weaves, color effects, double weaves and lampas, as well as a variety of more unusual structures. Also included is a bonus of 5 rugs woven on the same warp. The color photos are clear and close-up and accompanied by complete draw-downs and profile drafts. There is plenty of new inspiration to be gleaned from this beautiful book.        

Table Sets to Go

We are offering you a new Warp-to-Go with our Tablecloth and Napkin sets. There is nothing like the joy of a brand new, cheerful table covering along with napkins to match. In times of being cloistered at home, it’s surprising what a difference these small aesthetic touches can make in your day. The “Small Tablecloth” can be woven in two slightly different sizes, depending on what reed you choose, expanding this option for people with limited loom size. The “Large Tablecloth” can also be woven in two different reeds, giving you a total of four sizes to choose from for this project. See all our Warps to Go.      

Phone hours are back

We are now opening up our phone hours on a limited basis and would love to hear from you on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am-2pm.  

Store visits by appointment

For those of you who are local shoppers, we now welcome you to make an appointment to come browse the store in person. Shopping groups are limited to 2 people who plan to shop together. Masks are required.  

Update on classes

We have held successful class weeks in the Barn studio in July and we are currently enjoying a small group of students in our Vävstuga Bandloom class. We hope to hold more classes in the coming weeks, but as the United States continues to reel with virus outbreaks, we do not rest assured that classes will continue into the fall. We are contemplating other options for folks to spend time safely in our studio and library and we continue our work towards creating content online. Our newsletter will keep you informed as our plans for the near future develop. Thank you for subscribing and for your support!
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