December 2021

Holiday shopping hours

Our store will be open through December 14, so don’t procrastinate! We’ll close for the holidays on December 15th. We will be opening up again on Tuesday, January 4, 9:00–3:00 ET.

Loom Bumpers

Our Loom Bumpers are now available in 2 lengths. Try them to keep your loom from gliding across the room as you weave. A bit of foam padding at the end not only protects your wall but also acts as a shock absorber as you beat. The notched end fits snugly around the foot of your loom to hold the bumper in place.
Vävstuga Loom Bumpers
Vävstuga Loom Bumpers

Class schedule 2022

We have been working hard on our 2022 class schedule, which we will plan to advertise with our January newsletter. If you are still rolling over a deposit from a 2021 class, we will contact you before the end of the year to make sure you get first dibs (unless you contact us first). This means that it is important that any one else wanting to take a class in 2022 contact us as soon as possible after our January newsletter comes out, as spaces will be limited. We are very much looking forward to a safe, peaceful, and rewarding 2022 class season.

New class format

Running 2 classes simultaneously with only 4 students each has been met with such enthusiasm from our students this year, that we are making it a permanent change in our programming format. Not only can you be in a smaller, more intimate group, but you can also vicariously experience what another class group is up to, making your time here all the more enriching. In most cases each student will have a dedicated loom for their own use, in addition to projects already set up on other looms. This eliminates the stress of moving from one loom to the next in a specified timeframe, as each student can use their personal loom at their own pace.

Vävstuga Vävsters

A forthcoming new program for our dedicated alumni! We will be launching the Vävstuga Vävsters in 2022, for those of you who have been to Vävstuga many times and are wondering, “What’s next for me?” During the last 3–4 years Becky has been developing this program that will encourage and challenge talented and motivated Vävstuga weavers to strive for the Vävstuga Vävster Achievement Award. We are dedicating some weeks in February and March to the launching of this program, which advocates experiencing a broad range of materials and techniques. Look for more details in our January newsletter.

Väv Immersion 2022

Our sister organization and 501(c)(3) Fabric of Life is honored to hold their 8-week residential weaving intensive again in 2022, from April 12 to June 4. As before, there will be a variety of scholarships available. We know that date is right around the corner, and details will be up shortly on the Fabric of Life website. If you are interested, or know someone who is, reply to:

Recent class activity

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