January 2022

Despite the challenges in the world right now, we feel optimistic about gathering people together again this summer for classes in the Farmhouse & Barn studios.
remember gathering? and summer?
remember gathering? and summer?
It is with this optimism that we offer you our 2022 class schedule.

Class schedule for 2022

Since we still continue to fill many slots with students who have been waiting one or two years, our openings are little bit limited. We encourage you to contact us right away if you want to secure a spot at our weaving oasis this year. Check out our 2022 class lineup!

Yes, Video Basics counts

You can satisfy the Basics prerequisite, for any of our classes that require it, by completing Basics in our Vävstuga Video Classes.

Vävstuga Vävsters

We’re excited to announce this new program for our dedicated alumni in 2022. Have you been to Vävstuga many times and are wondering “What’s next for me?” During the last several years Becky has been developing the Vävstuga Vävsters program to encourage and challenge talented and motivated Vävstuga weavers to strive for the Vävster Award. The program advocates experiencing a broad range of materials and techniques. We invite all eligible Vävsters to apply for our inaugural event, a Winter Retreat in Feb–Mar 2022. Come enjoy the camaraderie of weaving together with fellow Vävstuga alumni, gearing your projects during your 1–3 weeks to work toward your Vävster Award. As a Vävstuga Vävster you will troubleshoot together with your colleagues, inspiring each other to new weaving heights and ambitions.

Väv Immersion 2022

Our sister organization Fabric of Life 501(c)(3) is honored yet one more time to hold their 8-week residential weaving intensive, Väv Immersion 2022, from April 12 to June 4. There will be a variety of scholarships available again this year. We know that April is right around the corner, and details will be up shortly. If you are interested, or know someone who is, please contact office@fabric-of-life.org.

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Winter greetings from Shelburne, Massachusetts.
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