April 2022

New Basics class in May – 2 slots open

We have recently added a new Vävstuga Basics class to the schedule for May 23–27, and have two slots left. Contact us right away if you want to jump in.

New in our store: 2 books, 2 Vävstuga-designed tools

Moekad Muhu Siilikud (Fashionable Muhu Skirts)

This luscious book in full-color (and fully in the Estonian language) is truly candy for the eyes. There are several detailed patterns and photographed close-ups of beautiful wool skirts made in the folk tradition. Muhu is an island off the west coast of Estonia, and has extremely distinctive folk costumes, arguably some of the very most beautiful in the country.

In our store: Moekad Muhu Siilikud (Fashionable Muhu Skirts), by Veinika Västrik and Margot Marks »

Estonian Knitting: Traditions and Techniques

This is an incredibly large and thorough collection of traditional knitting techniques from Estonia, and it’s in the English language.

In our store: Estonian Knitting: Traditions and Techniques, by Anu Pink, Siiri Reimann, and Kristi Jõeste »

Vävstuga treadle lock

This is a very important tool for anyone who needs to hold a plain weave shed open for a long time to do various pick-up techniques, such as described in detail in Heirlooms of Skåne: Weaving Techniques, or in the rag rugs pictured here. We offer Rag rug Warps to Go for your convenience and savings: you get 3 colors in a rug warp without buying all 3 tubes of yarn.

In our store: Vävstuga treadle lock »

Vävstuga treadle lock, in our store
Rag rug Warps to Go
Rag rug Warps to Go, in our store

Vävstuga magic mill cutter

This is a real time-saver! Many of you who are taking Becky’s Vävstuga Basics Video Class have asked about this tool, which Becky uses while winding a warp on the Vävstuga warping mill to cut the threads at a color change.

In our store: Vävstuga magic mill cutter »

Weavers’ fellowship and skill-share

Through the support of Fabric of Life, we were able to bring four weavers together for a weekend of camaraderie, classroom activities, and weaving experience. This was followed by a skill-share week, which welcomed Melvenea Hodges, from last year’s Väv Immersion class, to work with Becky’s mentorship on a project inspired to encourage new weavers of any age, geared especially towards teens. In that one week, participants designed a loom and made instructional video footage. Stay tuned to learn more about this wonderfully simple and affordable loom that will take you through many weaving traditions around the world.

weavers' fellowship weekend
weavers’ fellowship weekend
skill-share week with Melvenea
skill-share week with Melvenea

The wonderful story of Becky’s fly shuttle loom

Watch Becky weaving on her 220 cm fly shuttle loom for 4 minutes.

Becky says: This loom was originally owned by Swedish Countess Ebba Von Eckermann, prominent fashion designer and handweaver of the mid-1900s. I am fortunate to have acquired this loom through a friend, Kin Cullen. Kin and her daughter Louise knew Ebba in the 1980s, and stored this loom in their barn nearby in case Ebba needed a loom here in the US. Kin and Louise went to the same weaving school in Sweden that I went to, and in fact Kin encouraged me to go there, and we all owe her a lot of gratitude for the existence of Vävstuga. I am hopeful to reconnect with Ebba and her grandson to show her this video.

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