April 2023

New Daldräll book from Vävstuga Press

We’re excited to announce the completion of Becky’s most recent translation project for Vävstuga Press.

Daldräll (Swedish Overshot) has been considered a Swedish weaving classic since its publication in 1988. The authors, Anna Thomasson and Elisabeth Andersson, introduce us to the history of daldräll in Sweden and thoroughly explain the four-shaft weaving technique. The collection of over sixty overshot drafts is a treasure. Each draft is clearly presented with a photo of the woven fabric and project details. Enjoy these beautiful Swedish patterns, suitable for clothing, table and household. Translated to English and republished here at Vävstuga Press in 2023.

Daldräll: Swedish Overshot
Daldräll: Swedish Overshot, new from Vävstuga Press
book preview video, Daldräll: Swedish Overshot
book preview video, Daldräll: Swedish Overshot

New Yarn-in-a-Jar for blanket wool

You’ll love these 150 luscious colors. We have been very busy making yarn jars for our new 6/2 Blanket wool, and now we’re ready to ship them out to you.

(Wondering about exchanging your jar of Tuna wool? See last month’s news for details on our limited-time recall offer, good until June 1.)

6/2 Blanket wool Yarn-in-a-Jar
6/2 Blanket wool Yarn-in-a-Jar
Blanket wool yarn
6/2 Blanket wool

More Yarn-in-a-Jar news

Last chance on current price

Yarn-in-a-Jar prices will raise next month, so here is your final opportunity to purchase these great design tools at the current price.

More products coming soon

We are working on new jars of 6/1 wool, 20/2 wool, and 28/2 wool, with more colors than ever before. Stay tuned! Those of you who already own 6/1 & 20/2 jars will be able to purchase an “expansion” kit.

Invent your own blanket

Last month we announced that our Warps-to-Go blanket had been reworked in our new 6/2 Blanket wool from Garnhuset. This month’s update is that now it’s also easier to design your own colorway for this blanket, using our Vävstuga Design tool with all the new wool colors. It’s also fun to play with this tool even if you’re not quite ready to invent your own blanket yet.

Invent your own blanket with the Vävstuga Design tool
Invent your own blanket with the Vävstuga Design tool

Class openings available

We still have a few openings in the following sessions:

New Vävstuga Basics dates May 22–26?

Are you on a waitlist for a Vävstuga Basics session? Hoping for a sooner date? We are considering adding another Basics session from May 22–26. If we have four students who are interested, we will add this extra session to our schedule. Please let us know.

Becky’s annual weaving exhibition video

The 2022 year-in-review video is ready: take a tour of Vävstuga’s textile projects from March 2022 through February 2023. (If you missed the previous years, we have a playlist of Vävstuga annual exhibitions.)

Vävstuga annual exhibition 2023 -- Becky's recent projects
Vävstuga annual exhibition 2023 — Becky’s recent projects

Drawloom DEF (followup to ABC)

We’re developing a new class for drawloom afficionados. We had an inspiring get-together with some of our talented drawloom weavers in February, experimenting beyond Damask and Opphämta. Let us know if this kind of class might appeal to you.

Drawloom DEF - lobsters
Drawloom DEF - lampas
Drawloom DEF - combo plus
combo plus
Drawloom DEF - half satin
half satin
Drawloom DEF - pique
Drawloom DEF - the experimental team
the experimental team
Drawloom DEF - huck lace bug
huck lace bug
Drawloom DEF - summer winter scene
summer winter scene

Our location

We’re delighted to have many new and returning students to weave with us. For those of you who may have enjoyed our studio and lodging on Water Street in lovely “downtown” Shelburne Falls, we want to remind you that we are no longer located there. All of our classes, on-site lodging, and store are now located at 80 Bassett Road, Shelburne Falls. You can refer to our Location page for more information and directions.

Just for fun

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