August Newsletter

Reminder:  We hope to announce our 2019 class calendar in next month’s newsletter with registrations opening by Tuesday, October 9th.


2018 Classes with Space Available:

No Vävstuga Basics prerequisite:

October 17-19 Scandinavian Knitting with Beth Brown-Reinsel

Saami mittens We always enjoy welcoming the delightful Beth Brown-Reinsel to teach knitting at Vävstuga.  Her expertise in Scandinavian knitting techniques mirrors Becky’s expertise in Scandinavian weaving. There is still space in Beth’s class which is offered this October 17-19.  You can find more details on the Scandinavian Knitting class page. This year’s project is Saami Mittens using our beautiful Swedish Tuna yarns. The Saami people live in the northern most areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia and are the nomadic indigenous people of Scandinavia.   Classes with the Vävstuga Basics class prerequisite

August 27-31 Linens: Seed to Cloth

flax to linen Feeling spontaneous? There is one space open in our Linens: Seed to Cloth class, August 27-31. Come to our lovely farm studio location to experience the entire process of growing flax, making yarn, and weaving it into cloth. Much of the class will be spent weaving using our high quality Swedish linen yarns on pre-beamed looms. You will use both single-ply and plied linen in a variety of weights with a special focus on dressing a loom with single-ply linen. You will go home with knowledge of, and appreciation for, the nuances of weaving with this glistening fiber.  

November 26-30 Sagas & Fluff

There is one space open in our Sagas & Fluff class, November 26-30th. Come and explore the amazing and satisfying weft-faced structures such as gubbatäcke, corduroy, rosepath, krokbragd, weft-faced plain weave, ticking, flossa, rya, and dubbelbindning and take home beautiful new weavings destined for rugs, bags, hangings, yardage, or upholstery. sagas projectsagas projectsagas project sagas projectsagas projectsagas project

August 2018 Drawloom ABC and Vävstuga Favorites

We have a wonderful group of weavers with us this week. Some are exploring the details of Drawloom weaving, focusing on either Single Unit, Shaft Draw, or Opphämta.  Others are working on their own Favorites projects including Flamboyant Blankets and Smålandsväv. More pictures to come next month after we complete our August classes: Plentiful Rosepath Pillows with guest teacher from Sweden, Anna Östlund. You can see her books on our web store. We’ll finish up the summer with our Linens: Seed to Cloth class. Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.  
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