March 2019

Welcome Katie

We are thrilled to welcome Katie Cavacco to the Vävstuga staff.  You will have the pleasure of meeting Katie during classes at check-in, for those lodging with us, and at dinners during the week. Katie is a sewist with a deep respect for hand craft. She learned to sew at a young age and pursued that passion from high school through graduate school. Her education has centered around apparel design with a focus on sustainability, primarily through material upcycling and creative reuse. With her small business, Free Ramblin’ Kids, she creates toys and slippers for young children from upcycled, fulled wool sweaters. She is excited to join the Vävstuga community and learn more about weaving!

Vävstuga Basics

We’ve had a fun and colorful start to 2019 with a Vävstuga Favorites class in January,  3 Vävstuga Basics classes since then and more to come as we head into Spring. A space has just opened in the April 15-19 Vävstuga Basics class. Please call the office at 413-625-8241 if you would like to join us that week. One of the many, wonderful things about the Basics class is that loom set-up is not only taught from start to finish, most of the tasks are shared among the 8 students, with up to 4 people working together to beam, thread, sley, and tie-up the looms. This cooperative approach makes quick work of the tasks, aids in learning, and helps create the wonderful camaraderie that is part of the Vävstuga experience. Daily drafting classes build deeper understanding of the structures and fibers used, and our beautiful Swedish yarns provide color inspiration.  Delicious meals add to the pleasure of the week. Another wonderful aspect of the Basics class is that the students are joined by 2 Basics Alumni who arrive mid-week to weave one of the gorgeous Vävstuga Treasures projects.

Vävstuga Treasures

The Vävstuga Treasures session happens concurrently with the Vävstuga Basics class. Two beautiful projects, two talented weavers, and 3 days to create a treasure to bring home. This week we were joined by Mother-Daughter duo Sinikka and Alexis! Sinikka wove the gorgeous Plattväv coverlet project in gorgeous grays and yellows. Now to decide what color sheepskin to add to the back… and which side to use as the back since both sides are so beautiful!
Alexis wove the elegant Jämtlandsdräll table square in blue. So fun to have Alexis and Sinikka with us this week and congratulations to them both on their lovely treasures!
The table square can also be woven with an alternate tie-up for a different block pattern and in your choice of weft colors.
We have just 2 Vävstuga Treasures sessions available to weave the Plattväv coverlet. Join us next week, March 6-8, or April 17-19.  Vävstuga Basics Alumni may also choose this coverlet during our Farmhouse Projects classes. We have spaces available for the lovely Jämtlandsdräll table square as well. Join us next week, March 6-8, March 27-29, April 17-19, April 24-26 and December 4-6. Other lovely tablecloth choices are also available during our Farmhouse Projects classes.
Join us at Vävstuga for a great class, visit our store (Tues–Fri 9–3) or our web store any time, and check out our Facebook page and Ravelry group.
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