April 2020

These unusual times have changed all of our lives. As our Vävstuga staff is mostly home-bound, we have taken the time to provide some useful and inspirational goodies to encourage you to take a break from other worries, if only momentarily. Our office/phone hours are still closed until further notice, but web store orders are welcome and appreciated, although packages may take a little longer to leave our doorstep. Bettie will be checking the office@vavstuga.com email from home if you need to reach us. We wish you all wellness and safety.

Virtual Classroom

Since we cannot let you into our beautiful studio right now, we bring Becky’s home studio directly to you with a Virtual Classroom. Watch our first group of instructional videos on proportioning stripes and calculating yarn quantity using your own color wrappings. We also have other useful project planning tools here.

Vävstuga projects to make at home

Towels & blankets
Becky has dug out a basket full of Cottolin color windings made over many years of teaching. Most were made as a way to demonstrate color wrapping techniques for designing stripes. We have done the math for you and will wind you warps for towels or blankets and send them along with project sheets giving you a few options. Check out our designs on our new Warps to Go page. We will keep adding things here, so stay tuned. (FYI – First come first served on Tuna – we are awaiting a shipment but unsure of timing.)
Stjerne coverlet
We offer another special project for you to weave at home. “Stjerne” is one our favorite coverlets, as adapted by us from Åklær Å kle ei seng, a book that is sadly out of print. The original used 24/2 cotton, but our adaptation uses 16/2 cotton to make it a little easier. Let us know if you want to add a sheepskin backing after weaving your own beautiful coverlet!

Damask napkin video by Becky

Becky demonstrates weaving a 10 shaft satin napkin on a 70cm Ideal Glimåkra loom, which wasn’t supposed to be possible on a loom designed for only 8 shafts and treadles. Extra treadles are added on a longer rod, and she makes do with holes on the lamms by doubling up some of the cords in the lamm holes. Bumpers help keep the shafts even with the damask pulleys in use. A special tip about keeping linen under control on the shuttle is shown as well as using a pin to keep your place.

Can we weave something for you?

If you see a woven piece on our website that you would like to commission us to weave, that is currently a possibility. Just tell us what picture you are looking at, and request a quote and timeline. We will get back to you.

Korean paper basket video

We thought you might enjoy this short video on Korean paper weaving of baskets.
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