Vävstuga Basics Video Class

20 hours of Becky’s experienced teaching

Always wanted to join us for a Basics class? Wish you could relive the experience from home anytime? We are thrilled to announce that Vävstuga Basics is now available as a video class! It’s hosted at Vimeo, where you can sign up for a monthly or annual subscription, and there’s a Forum where you can post your questions and meet fellow students.
Becky’s Vävstuga Basics, developed over a span of 30 years, has welcomed over 1000 students in-person at Vävstuga Weaving School. You now have the option to take this class in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, and repeat everything as often as you like. Even if you have taken our Basics class in the past, this video class provides a wonderful review and fun way to reminisce, as well as an opportunity to learn new material. This video series shows things in such detail that you might be able to see the demonstrations even better than being part of an in-person group.

What does the class cover?

Four Projects
The four traditional projects for this class — the Towel, Tablecloth, Blanket, and Block damask — are each presented in their own detailed instructional videos. You will have the information you need to work on all of these projects from beginning to end.
Record Keeping
We bring you into the classroom to fill out your own project sheet by Becky’s side. She goes over all the details, answering all the typical questions she has heard over the many years of teaching this class.
Drafting classes
Becky presents her traditional Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday drafting classes, with more details and examples that we ever had time to show you in person. The multitude of examples shown close-up with accompanying graphics help unlock the mystique around fabric structure.
The final session on finishing is also included with our fun and memorable “paper towel” hemming session using scissors and glue stick. Fringing and fulling instructions for the blanket top it off.

What does my subscription include?

Your subscription to Vävstuga Video Classes includes:
  • Vävstuga Basics class = 20 hours of video content + many handouts and extras
  • Dress Your Loom the Swedish Way DVD content
  • Dress Your Swedish Drawloom DVD content
  • Access to our member Forum
  • Access to further classes as we add them
We hope you will give this exciting new product a try.
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