January 2016

Vävstuga greetings to you all!

New in 2016: Vävstuga Library Hours! 2-5 pm on 1st Fridays

A brand new opportunity for you at Vävstuga! We will open the doors to our weaving library from 2-5 p.m. every first Friday of the month. Our store will be open to you, as well, so you can make the most of your visit. Please contact us ahead to let us know you’re coming to take advantage of over 1,000 weaving publications both in Swedish and English.

Join us for VÄVSTUGA TREASURES January 26-29

We have lots of “One Day Wonders” – beautiful warps for towels and runners – to choose from if you can only join us for one day.

For our ALUMNI we have the following Treasures tempations:

Tablecloth from Norrbotten                                                 Shawl in Monksbelt in warp and weft  2012_0818al-copy 2012_0417ak-copy
Jämtlandsdräll Tablecloth                                                         Cheerful Rep Rug
2012_1217al-copy treas-IMG_2890
Double Krokbragd Rug                                                       Block Damask Tablecloth
2013_0921ac-copy                                        2013_0417AA-copy-300x300
Maria joined us last December for Treasures and made an incredible coverlet!
IMG_1283   Read about her experience on her blog here making this gorgeous Skillbragd coverlet with teal sheepskin backing!                          

New Class Details!  Festival of Fabrics, November 28 – December 2!

Spend a week creating colorful and delightful things out of your own beautiful handwoven fabric! festival-pilefestival-sewingtable                               festival-yellowapronfestival-moose                            
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