Flying8 with Andreas Möller

Weaving with a Hamburger — come with a friend, share a loom

Instructor: Andreas Möller

Dates offered 2023: Oct 2–6

We offer you an extraordinary opportunity this year as we bring Andreas Möller from Hamburg, Germany. Andreas is well known in many corners of the world for his innovative Flying8 loom design. The Flying8 has allowed him to bring weaving as a viable income source for distant communities in over 15 countries, from Peru to East India, from Finland to Botswana. Come find out how he has become so successful, and experience his tools and techniques firsthand.

Buddy system

You MUST register with a buddy and share a loom.


After you arrive, you’ll choose between two projects, each on 4 shafts.

  • Option 1: Collapse weave scarf – geared toward newer weavers
  • Option 2: Shadow boxes – geared toward more advanced weavers

Tools & techniques

  • Create a simple fly shuttle beater attachment
  • Innovative Pluma shuttle design
  • See Flying8 unique loom design
  • Best Friend Beamer
  • Warp mill with lift system
  • Magical floating edge heddle

Most of these are easy to replicate at home. The shuttle will be available for sale.

Flying8 project

collapse weave scarf

Flying8 project

shadow boxes

Flying8 project

Flying8 loom

Flying8 project

Pluma shuttle

Flying8 project

sculptural pleats

Flying8 project

warp mill lift system

Flying8 project

pleats close-up

Flying8 project

scarves woven together

My story

Andreas Möller

In 1978, disturbed by childhood weaving – a few threads are wrapped over a piece of cardboard and another thread is laboriously woven through it – I urgently want to find out how weaving can be done better.

From 1986–88 I learn how to do it traditionally, but realize that it doesn’t go well at all. Over the next few decades I’ll plow through the weaving, question, start over and discover new things.

Finally, I develop my own loom and my special weaving method: Flying8. A Flying8 loom and associated equipment can be built anywhere there are battens, a saw, hammer and nails. DIY and low budget. The Flying8 weaving method enables a weaver to complete the entire weaving process on his own, quickly, easily and with good posture. Not only do I use this myself, I have taught it several times in over 15 countries from Peru to East India and from Finland to Botswana.

Learn more and see the Flying8 in action at Andreas’s website.

Register now

Prerequisites: substantial weaving experience recommended

Max enrollment: 12

Course fee: $950 (includes all instruction and studio time, course handouts, lunch Mon–Fri, dinner Thu)

Materials fee: by weight

Days offered: Five-day session, Monday–Friday

Schedule: Instruction time 9:00–noon and 1:30–4:00. Exceptions: on the last day, instruction ends at noon, and checkout must be completed by 3:00. Once a session begins, the Barn studio is available at all hours.

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