(2022) Plentiful Rosepath Pillows

Five-day weaving class with Anna Östlund, special guest teacher from Sweden!

Instructors: Anna Östlund, Becky Ashenden

Dates offered 2022: Oct 10–14 (class full; waiting list only)

Here is a class to delight our rosepath fans and a rare opportunity to welcome an author and teacher from Sweden. We love Anna Östlund’s three books full of beautiful rosepath pillows, bags, hangings, and more. We are so excited to welcome her back as a guest teacher at Vävstuga!

In this class each student will work on one loom for the week with a cottolin warp, to be completely covered up by our beautiful weft yarns of your choice.

This is a rare opportunity to weave for five days at Vävstuga without the usual prerequisite of our Vävstuga Basics class.

5 packed days

Work on one loom

  • We beam your 6 meter cottolin warp
  • You thread and tie up
  • Infinite color play
  • Designing tricks
  • Pillow construction
  • Take home leftover warp

2 instructors

Anna Östlund,
Special guest from Sweden

Anna will coach students in rosepath design. Techniques for weaving will include rosepath on opposites and rosepath on a plain weave ground. She will also present several options for turning your woven piece into a finished pillow.

Becky Ashenden

The loom magician will do her usual job of keeping those looms in ship-shape working order and helping out. A Tuesday morning drafting class will open the door to a greater understanding of the structure for rosepath on opposites.

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Anna Östlund

Anna Östlund is a journalist, communications manager and a handweaver. In 2012 she took a course in the weaving technique rosepath in her hometown Borlänge in Sweden. She was skeptical in the beginning, but as she discovered the options and variations rosepath offers, she fell in love with it. In recent years she has continued to explore rosepath, both with the loom and in the three books she has written.

For her latest book, Från Januari blues till December röd: 18 kuddar i rosengång (From January Blues to December Reds: 18 pillows in rosepath), Anna challenged herself to create a new pillow pattern every month.

We are pleased to carry all three of Anna’s books in our store:

5-day class

Prerequisites: some weaving experience recommended

Max enrollment: 8

Course fee: $850 (includes all instruction and studio time, course handouts, lunch Mon–Fri, dinner Thu)

Materials fee: $80

Room & board: We offer a variety of room & board plans with lodging in Farmhouse, Cabin, or Glamping Tent

For more detail: See also costs & logistics, food & accommodations

Days offered: Five-day session, Mon–Fri

Schedule: Instruction time 9:00–noon and 1:30–4:30. Exceptions: on the last day, instruction ends at noon, and checkout must be completed by 3:00. Once a session begins, the Barn studio is available at all hours.

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