(2019) Swedish Rag Rugs

Swedish Rag Rugs

Instructor: Becky Ashenden, Sara Jeanne Burke

Dates offered 2019: Jun 18–21

Rag rugs are a quintessential part of Scandinavian culture and life. You find them in nearly every home, and they can make any place feel like home. We use the genuine 12/6 cotton rug warp from Sweden under high tension using narrow cotton strips, which is the way to achieve a true Scandinavian style rag rug. The broad array of possible patterns and techniques could take an entire lifetime to explore. The more you delve into the possibilities, the more rugs you will be inspired to create.

Techniques to explore

  • plain & basket weaves
  • twills & rosepath
  • slarvtjäll (straight inlay)
  • inlays – diagonal, wrapped, 3-D
  • twisted stripes
  • dubbelbindning
  • rya knots

Finishing techniques

  • twisted fringe
  • woven rag hem
  • sewn cloth edge

We start by looking at inspirational books and samples to open your mind to the endless possibilities. Using paper, pens, and the rags themselves you will be coached to create your own design and make a small mock-up to use for weaving your rug at the loom.

A basic plain weave rug with a pleasing striped motif is a beautiful and satisfying project for anyone new to weaving. We will lure advanced weavers into new realms of design and technique. You will learn multiple ways to prepare your own rags and splice them together. Time will be allotted at the end of each session to demonstrate a variety of finishing techniques, including hems and fringe, which are an important part of the rug.

In this 4-day class a group of people making rugs together is a huge inspiration in itself, since these are such individual projects and everyone’s rug will be unique. This variety of colors and designs can open your mind to create a beautiful rug that you might not do on your own.

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Location: Farm Studio

Prerequisites: none

Max enrollment: 10

Course fee: $650 (includes all instruction and studio time, course handouts, lunch all 3 days, dinner Thu)

Materials fee: $50

Room & board: $375 (includes lodging Mon–Thu evenings, breakfast Tue–Fri, dinner Tue–Wed)

For more detail: See also costs & logistics, food & accommodations

Days offered: Four-day session, Tue–Fri

Schedule: The Farm Studio is open from 9:00–noon and 2:00–5:00 for instruction time. Our evening curfew is flexible at this location. Exception: on the last day of class, the studio closes at noon and checkout must be completed before 3:00.

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