(2022) Mini Immersion

Acquire a fountain of skills and knowledge in this 3-week intensive weaving course

Instructors: Becky Ashenden & Eva Gaultney

Dates offered 2022:
Check back in 2023. In 2022 we are offering an 8-week Väv Immersion.

(This class will satisfy our Vävstuga Basics requirement for other classes.)

Learn 8 techniques from our most popular classes, splitting your time between both of our beautiful studio locations. If you have been a regular with us for a long time, there will be new projects showcasing fresh ideas and techniques. For those of you who have never woven before, you will get a good taste of what we have to offer here.

8 shared projects

  • Daldräll (Swedish overshot)
  • Sålldräll (M’s & O’s)
  • Krokbragd ruglet
  • Rep
  • Deflected double weave
  • Plaited twill
  • Monksbelt inlay
  • Loose rya

Students will dress this group of looms together in our Farmhouse early in the week. Threading a little on each project will familiarize you with each structure. These projects are small, to give ample time for your individual project in the Barn while offering a nice variety of skills and techniques to add to your repertoire.

Barn Studio:
a loom to yourself

  • Plain weave yardage designed and planned by you
  • Extra projects chosen and planned by you, as you have time and inclination. (We can offer suggestions.)

With your own loom in the Barn Studio, you can work at your own pace and choose your own hours. The initial project of plain weave striped fabric is simple yet instructive in so many ways, and a pleasure to weave.

Subsequent individual projects can vary depending on interest and experience. You’ll have multiple opportunities to dress your own loom, gaining comfort with the entire process.

Theory classes

  • designing
  • drafting
  • project planning
  • fabric analysis
  • materials
  • sett & sley
  • finishes

Class time

Fabric analysis and drafting sessions will strengthen and reinforce the theory behind the textile structures, and will facilitate developing your own structures.

Our materials lectures includes making invaluable sample cards of our cottons, wools, and linens, along with the knowledge of how these various yarns are used.

Design classes will engage you in a multitude of techniques and tools for creating your individual masterpieces. You’ll get several new project plans you can take home to your own loom.

mini immersion course


mini immersion course

loose rya

mini immersion course

monksbelt pickup

mini immersion course

plaited twill

mini immersion course


mini immersion course

deflected double weave

mini immersion course


mini immersion course


mini immersion course

design class

mini immersion course

Michael’s yardage

mini immersion course

Kira’s yardage

mini immersion course

close-up, Kira’s

mini immersion course

Danielle cutting off

mini immersion course

Christine’s yardage

Prerequisites: Vävstuga Basics or moderate weaving experience

Max enrollment: 8

Course fee: $2200 (includes all instruction and studio time, course handouts, lunch Mon–Fri)

Materials fee: by weight

Registration: A deposit of $500 is required and is non-refundable; see our cancellation policy.

Room & board: We offer a variety of room & board plans with lodging in Farmhouse, Cabin, or Glamping Tent

For more detail: See also costs & logistics, food & accommodations

Days offered: Three-week session, Monday–Friday

Schedule: Instruction time 9:00–3:30 (except Fridays, which end at 3:00, and the last day ends at noon)

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