Vävstuga Projects

A class customized to your desires

Instructors: Becky Ashenden, Eva Gaultney, Tonya Grant

Dates offered 2023: Apr 10–14 (6 looms in Farmhouse), Jun 26–30 (6 looms in Farmhouse), Sep 4–8 (12 looms in Barn Studio)

Check our Calendar if you’re curious about other classes held concurrently.

We have room for students to come and weave a project during many of our regular class sessions. Choose from our gallery of beautiful woven samples and we will wind your warp before you arrive. You can choose to do your own beaming, threading, or choose to have us set up the loom ahead completely to give yourself more weaving time.

Loom set-up options

  • We will wind your warp
  • You choose to beam, or we can beam
  • We could thread some heddles (gives you more weaving time), pricing below
  • Depending on our available time, we might be able to dress the whole loom (check with us for pricing)

Instruction time

Becky, Eva, and Tonya will be present as needed. Once students settle into weaving their projects, we will make sure everyone’s needs are met. There will always be a staff member on hand to assist.

Difficulty ratings


Plain weave with only 2 treadles. Your focus will be on ergonomics and rhythmic even weaving. Using stripes in the weft will give ample practice changing colors.


These projects all have a little extra twist beyond simple balanced plain weave, possibly including using multiple shuttles, weaving a wider width, using multiple blocks, and/or multiple treadles.

more advanced

If you are comfortable with multiple shuttles and slightly intricate designs, you are ready for these. Many of these patterns can remain simple, or become as complex as you want.

mixed levels

farmhouse project click for
all linen projects

linen runners & squares


favorites project click for
all color gamps

color gamps


favorites project click for
all plain weave tablecloths

plain weave tablecloths


favorites project click for
all rosepath family

rosepath family

easy / intermediate

favorites project click for
all napkins


intermediate / advanced

favorites project click for
all fancy tablecloths

fancy tablecloths

more advanced

favorites project click for
all butterflies & fluff

butterflies & fluff


favorites project click for
all flamboyant blankets

flamboyant blankets


favorites project click for
all fancy rep

fancy rep


favorites project click for
all Jämtlandsdräll



favorites project click for
all Smålandsväv


mixed levels

favorites project click for
all fabrics


mixed levels

farmhouse project click for
all large tablecloths

large tablecloths


farmhouse project click for
all rugs



farmhouse project click for
all curtains



farmhouse project click for
all coverlets


mixed levels

favorites project click for
all bands


more advanced

favorites project click for
all drawloom


Choosing a project

Select your project using the above photos; click on each for more details. One project per person. If you prefer to choose a project that you don’t see listed here, may be possible as well.

Choosing warp length

We offer 3, 6, 9, and 12 meter warp lengths.

We have posted a suggested warp length for each project for our average weaver. If you usually want more time, choose a shorter length; if you are a speedy weaver, pick a longer length. Unfinished warp lengths will be cut off and chained for you to take home and continue weaving on your own loom. If you finish your project early, you will have the opportunity to use one of our warp mills to wind a warp or more to take home, first come first served.

Exploring colors

Clicking on any project photo will provide a popup with details for that project. Check to see which warp yarn your project has, then use our Yarn Playground to explore your color choices.

8/2 cotton | 16/2 cotton | 20/2 cotton | 30/2 cotton
8/2 linen | 12/2 linen | 16/2 linen | 16/3 linen
Mora wool

Choosing warp colors

Plan A: keep it simple

Use the same colors as in the original piece — just let us know 3 weeks before class.

Plan B: for single color warps

Look in our web store for the color name and number for the yarn in your project and let us know your choice 3 weeks before class.

Plan C: changing multiple colors

For warps with multiple colors, ask us for a list of the original colors in the picture to assist you when making color changes. Let us know your choices 3 weeks before class.

Choosing a location

We offer a choice of two locations for your Projects week, so you can decide which sounds more appealing.

  • Farmhouse
    For those who want a quiet space away from the commotion of the Barn classes, and prefer to work independently, this may be your preference. Staff assistance will always be available, but you might need to call us when you need us. (Exception: In November we’ll bring all the people and camaraderie into the Farmhouse for Projects and Drawloom Treasures — come join the fun for this festive grand finale to our class year!)
  • Barn studio during classes
    For those who want to be surrounded by the excitement and activity of one or two Vävstuga classes happening simultaneously. Staff will always be on hand in the Barn studio, so if you are less experienced and/or like a lot of company, this might be your preferable location.

Prerequisites: Vävstuga Basics (Why does everyone need Basics?)

Max enrollment: 6–12

Course fee: $750 (includes all instruction and studio time, lunch Mon–Fri, dinner Thu)

Heddle threading fee: (optional) $10 per 100 heddles (non-refundable, paid in advance)

Loom set-up fee: (optional) $50/hour (non-refundable, est. 1–2 hrs depending on project complexity and # of ends)

Materials fee: materials are charged by weight (warp chain non-refundable if cancel <30 days prior to class)

Days offered: Five-day session, Mon–Fri

Schedule: Instruction time 9:00–noon and 1:30–4:00. Exceptions: on the last day, instruction ends at noon, and checkout must be completed by 3:00. Once a session begins, the Barn studio is available at all hours.

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